1. Trike Race
    • There is nothing better than spending the last hour and a half of your school day outside cheering your friends on while they race on trikes. This has been a tradition at LHS since 1970 and a great time.
  2. Senior Dinner Party
    • This is one of the last events the senior class gets to spend together. We are all so busy throughout the year and it is nice to be able to have a whole evening to talk and remember the last 12 years. The food is also amazing.
  3. Holman-Harrel and Becker’s Good Morning high fives
    • Seeing their smiling faces is guaranteed to make you smile, and it is a great start to your school day.
  4. Government with Howe
    • Ah, Mr. Howe. A great guy and a great teacher. What would we do without his playlists for any mood and West Wing episodes every Friday?
  5. Water Wars
    • What is better than living in fear for two weeks? But seriously, Water Wars is so much fun. The thrill of “hunting” your target and then getting them, it’s amazing. Especially when you get a teacher target, that is a good feeling.
  6. TPing Goodwins House
    • TPing in most cases is a bad thing to do and would get you in tons of trouble, but if you are a senior then you get a free pass to TP. Even if you have never had Goodwin, you still get to TP. The best part? We don’t have to clean it up. Thanks, juniors!
  7. Elementary Last Walk
    • 12 long years ago you started there with your whole school career in front of you. You get to walk through the place where it all started, and the memories start to flood in. Watching the little kids faces light up and get excited to high five you is a plus.
  8. Hearing Smocks voice throughout the halls.
    • Smock, a funny guy and a great teacher. Smock is such a good teacher he teaches kids who don’t even have him. It doesn’t matter if you are in math, a world language, or even another social studies room, you are more than likely going to learn something about economics or world history.
  9. Painting Parking Spots
    • This is a great way to express yourself through a parking spot. You can really release your artistic abilities and show who you are. This is one of the best traditions at LHS, and usually the paint lasts until the end of the school year.
  10. The community
    • From Prom Walk-In to Graduation, the community is always there. It is amazing to see what our community can do to come together, through tragedy and good times too. You always have someone in your corner supporting you. Lebanon has been a great place to grow up. That’s what makes LHS unique. #RollTigers.