As senior athletes face the end of the sports that they have spent countless hours perfecting, many would like to give advice to the incoming underclassmen, allowing them the best opportunity for a fulfilling athletic career. The first athlete, Riley Holland, would like to give underclassmen in cross country a piece of advice.

“Do not slack off at practice, it will only put you behind,” said Holland.

Aside from slacking off in practice, Eli Johnson would give the underclassmen in tennis different advice.

“My advice for underclassmen is to make friends,” said Johnson.

Soccer player Lilly Haines would advise the underclassmen to be a dedicated athlete.

“My advice for underclassmen is to work hard,” said Haines.

On the basketball court and softball field, Abbi Wirey has another piece of advice for future LHS athletes.

“Have fun and do not worry about playing time,” said Wirey.

First-year cheerleader Rilynn Turner has a word of advice for underclassmen coming onto the sidelines.

“Attend cheer camp and the team bonding activities. Make sure you stay away from drama,” said Turner.

Brad Wagner, a swimmer for LHS, would give the underclassmen advice about dedication to the sport.

“Try hard and do all the yards,” said Wagner.

On the football field, Tyler Mosely advocates for underclassmen to finish what they started.

“Stay committed,” said Mosely.

Over on the wrestling mat, Andy Morgan takes a different route and outlines the vitality of hard work.

“Get in shape before the season starts,” said Morgan.

Much like Wirey, volleyball player Amelia Mills advises underclassmen to have a good time in their sport.

“Make each practice fun,” said Mills.

First-year runner in track, Julio Maldonado, outlines the importance of leadership in the upperclassmen.

“Do not be afraid to ask for help and tips from the upperclassmen,” said Maldonado.

Johnny Moore, a two-sport athlete, takes pride in his sports; cross country and baseball. His advice is true-to-life.

“Word hard and stay with it. It will seem like it sucks but staying with it will make you better in sports and teach you valuable lessons in life,” said Moore.

First-year swimmer on the team, Kara Funk, learned the importance of goal-setting in life.

“Set goals for yourself every day,” said Funk.

For boys’ basketball, Aidan Newsom would advise underclassmen to put in the hours.

“Work hard in practice,” said Newsom.

Madison Wirey, an LHS tennis player, advocates for hard work.

“My advice is to play outside of the season,” said Wirey.

On the other hand, golfer Andrew Hawkins discusses the idea of a positive attitude.

“Do not let bad holes get you down; if you are struggling, think positive,” said Hawkins.

For soccer, Tommy Wagner has a piece of advice regarding playing time.

“Work hard in practice and during your playing time because it gets noticed and you will be rewarded with more opportunities,” said Wagner.

Golfer Katherine Patterson gives incoming golfers solid advice.

“Get involved with as many summer tournaments as you can,” said Patterson.

As senior athletes close out their seasons and reach the peak of their experience, their advice stands strong for underclassmen across the board.