What is your full name? Cara Isabella Harvey

What are your future plans? What are you majoring in, if you are planning on attending a post-secondary school? I am planning on attending Indiana State University this upcoming fall.  I intend to major in English Education and teaching high schoolers.

What has made this year your best year? All the events and special things that come along with being a senior. Senior dinner party, senior camp out, senior skip day.

If you could give any advice to the underclassmen, what would you say? Get involved and do not sweat the small stuff, I always ask myself “will this matter in 5 years”

Who has been your biggest influence at the school and why? (teacher, administrator, staff member) Since I started my junior year I’d have to say Mrs. Kaz she is beyond kind to me and was so welcoming and has pushed me as a writer in IU English.

What class has been the most beneficial for you? Why?  IU English, it has really prepared me for the classes and papers that I will be asked to write in College.

What is something interesting about you that most people wouldn’t know about you? I secretly have bangs that I got this year but NEVER show.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Teaching high school out of state with a fat yellow lab.