Finals come around twice a year stressing kids out to the max. Finals are 20% of your semester grade making them a big deal.  Many kids do not know the right to prepare and how to get themselves ready to ace their finals. Below is a list of things that could better prepare you for your finals:

  • Complete any study guide given to you
  • Attend any review sessions
  • Study with a group of people
  • Make a Quizlet
  • Go to bed early
  • Eat breakfast
  • Quiz yourself
  • Ask questions if you are confused
  • Color code things
    • Based on different lessons or subjects within the class
  • Make visuals
    • Make diagrams or concepts that relate it to something you understand
  • Make it interesting when you are studying
    • Create a little game to help you study
    • Reward yourself after getting to certain checkpoints

Overall finals can be a very stressful time of the year, if you are prepared and take your time to study you can conquer all those tests finishing off the school year.