*Gets close to summer* *Starts making plans for summer* *Has to stress about finals instead*

Many teachers/professors love to throw projects, tests, essays and finals on you as you are just about to finish the school year. School can be really stressful for you, which is not good for your body.  These are some tips on how to take care of your body as you tackle these last tests.


Eating Tips:

  • Eat healthy snacks
    • Bring healthy snacks to your study spot. Bringing healthy snacks from home is more effective cost wise and is better for you.
    • Foods that will help fuel your brain include: carrots with hummus or apples with peanut butter.
    • Junk food may give you short-term energy, but this is not recommended because it will lead you to a sugar crash.
  • Drink water
    • Dehydration can cause fatigue or headaches which can distract you from your classes.
  • Eat a good meal while taking a break
    • It is better to eat a nutritious meal, rather than eating fast food or not eating at all.
    • Go out to eat to get a real meal with a friend to release some stress.
  • Do not drink caffeine close to bedtime.

Physical Tips:

  • Exercise
    • If you work out regularly, do not skip working out for studying.
    • Clear your head while studying by taking a break by going for a run, doing a yoga class or hitting up a gym.
    • Exercising increases your focus and gives you more energy to return to your studying with.
  • Stay active
    • Do things to keep you moving and keep your energized
  • Seek support from friends and family
    • You can still study alone, just make sure to take breaks and touch base with your family and friends
  • Create a physical environment that helps you study
    • Do this by setting up a desk or area where you have everything you need and are comfortable enough to stay focused.
    • Studying in a noisy/busy environment can negatively affect your ability to learn
  • Practice relaxation techniques
    • Examples: stress relievers, meditations, yoga, etc.

Sleeping Tips:

  • Get a good night sleep
    • Plan time for you to sleep.
    • Prioritize and stay organized to be more efficient.
    • Research proves your brain needs sleep in order to retain the information you have been studying.
  • Do not pull all-nighters
    • You mentally need sleep in order to perform to your greatest potential.
  • Do not procrastinate
    • This causes lots of unnecessary stress and can interrupt your sleep schedule.

Make sure to finish this semester strong.  You have made it this far, so do not give up now!