Prom is a time for many juniors and seniors to get dressed up and dance the night away with their favorite people. This year, Lebanon High Schools Prom was held on April 27that the Boone County Fairgrounds.

At 7 PM students entered prom after walking past a crowd of people once you and your dates names have been announced. The thrill of walking down the crowd and into the beautifully decorated dance floor.

You finally entered the building and the anticipation of the big night is finally here. Every year a junior boy and a junior girl are crowed prom king and queen of the year. This year the 2019 junior prom queen was Lizzie Kincaid and junior prom king was Daniel Hood.

Lizzie Kincaid is a very artsy and creative person she likes to draw and do a lot of calligraphy. She also plays for the LHS volleyball and track and field team. Lizzie also said that her favorite thing to do is inspire people in any way that she can. Daniel Hood is an athlete at LHS playing tennis since Freshman year for the school.  Daniel also said that he enjoys being a nice guy to everyone.

When asked how they felt after being crowned Kincaid said, “After being crowned I was shocked but at the same time felt very loved by all my friends when I heard all the screaming and yelling.”

“I felt pretty epic but at the end of the day I am still the same guy I was as before.” Said Hood

Hood and Kincaid said that their time at prom was an amazing experience from getting to dance on the floor, to participating in the planning and set-up, to being on prom court, to having a great night with all their friends.

Kincaid and Hood both gave a piece of advice to younger classmen about one day maybe being crowned prom king and queen and just about being role models for your classmates and to others around the school.

“A word of advice to the younger classmen is just to always be that person that has the kind heart. It doesn’t matter if you have a ton of friends, or you only have a few, what matters is how you treat others and the attitude you display throughout the day. It never hurts anyone to smile and be kind.” Said Kincaid

“Be nice to everyone and those around you will reward you for being you.” Said Hood