Throughout the years, Lebanon High School has had many foreign exchange students join our school system. These programs typically last for one school year and the students are welcomed with open arms.

Sara Niño came to Lebanon in 2018 from Mexico. She is enrolled as a junior at LHS and has been a part of the soccer and the track and field teams this school year.

“I had never played soccer or ran track before coming here, so it was all really new to me. I enjoyed track the most because I learned that I am pretty good at it and I am excited that my 4×1 relay team qualified for regionals,” said Niño.

Niño admitted she was nervous to start the program, but that she was mostly excited to have the experience.

“The first thing I had to do was learn English and it ended up being easier than I thought. After I learned the language, I was really excited to learn new things about the American culture and how Americans act,” said Niño.

Not only did Niño learn a new language, but she also got to experience all types of new things.

“While being here, I have tried all types of new foods. I love the snacks they have here like Cheez-Its or Goldfish. I tried corn dogs at the state fair and they are definitely my favorite thing I have tried. One of my favorite things I did was go to the lake and go skiing, but I also enjoyed going to a Notre Dame football game and seeing Disney on ice,” said Niño.

Niño is planning on returning home on May 30th and although she misses her family back home, she says that the family she has formed here will always be special to her.

“I think the things I will miss the most about Lebanon are my host family, my friends, and the school. All three things welcomed me and made me feel a part of a family even though my family was thousands of miles away. I am super grateful for this experience and enjoyed getting to know the culture of Americans,” said Niño.