After up to four years of experience, the seniors are the best students to ask about joining fine arts. Whether your interest is band, choir or art classes, it can take a little going out of your comfort zone to take a fine arts class. Seniors from Lebanon High School shared their advice to underclassmen who want to join fine arts.

“I would say to make sure you know what you are getting into because being in Tigerettes does take up a lot of time, but it is the best thing that has ever happened to me. If you want to make a million memories that you will remember for a lifetime, I would join,” said Alyssa Smith.

“Even if you do not make the choir you want to be in the first time you try out, keep trying because you will get better as you go through and giving up will not take you anywhere,” said Peter Hesselgrave.

“My advice would be to explore every single class because you do not know what class you will like the most. You might think you are better at 2D, when in all reality you are extremely good at 3D. My advice is just to take as many as you want and do not limit yourself to just one of the classes,” said Madison Tucker.

“To any kids interested in joining art classes I would suggest giving it your all. In a lot of intro classes I have seen the kids are not too prone to doing their work and putting effort into it, but if you do you will find out how amazing the art is that you can actually produce. It is insane thinking of all of the pieces I have made. I do not even know how I have made those, but it just takes a lot of effort to push yourself and have confidence in your own skills,” said Heather Binion.

“I would highly suggest trying out for a higher choir than you feel like you are comfortable in because then you have the opportunity to get into it if you can. Freshman year I went straight into Charisma and that was the best experience that I could possibly have. Push yourself and try new things. If you don’t feel comfortable in a part, work it until you are,” said Julie Cupka.

“Take pride in what you do in band and stay true to yourself, but do not let your head get too big,” said Zech Adams.

“Audition for solos, audition for every choir, and do not think that you cannot do it just because you feel that others are better than you,” said Kailyn Rittenberry.

“Try out for every single band because the high school has so many to offer. Everyone will love you and everyone will accept you, so even if you do not make it one year, try again the next because band is fantastic,” said Kiersten Mertz.

“Just stick with it. It is fun and it is something you will remember for the rest of your life. We are a tight-knit group. Everyone in there is family, so you will meet some of the best and most caring people of your life. They are the best so just stick with it,” Johnathan Moore.

“I know when I first took art classes I thought my art was not going to be good enough or that it would be bad compared to other student’s art, but I would say to still go for it because you will learn a lot about what type of art you want to do,” said Sydney Williams.

“You should go ahead and try out even if you do not think you are good and just understand for choirs like Charisma and Madrigals the level of commitment that goes into that. Even if you do not think you are going to get in, you might surprise yourself,” Grayson Purtlebaugh.

“First think about what you want to get out of band, whether you want to be a music major or you just want to have a fun class. Once you figure that out, realize that depending on your intentions it will either be not as much or it will be a huge time commitment. You need to make sure you are ready for it but join band. It is a lot of fun,” said Cindy Kirkman.

“I would suggest to try out for any solos or Pops because you could surprise yourself with what you can accomplish. Be confident in yourself and your abilities,” said Gwen Hammons.

“Don’t walk into band expecting to hang out with friends and have music take a back seat. Band is hard work that requires real effort, but it is work that absolutely pays off,” said Rowan Meyers.

“Just do what you love and if you like to sing, join choir,” said Keenan Austin.

“My advice to someone who is just starting art classes is that it is all about being creative. It is not about trying to do what others do or just meet the criteria. Just do whatever you choose, and it helps to do something personal. It is meant to be fun and it is something you get to keep for as long as you can,” said Megan Nelson.

“If you want to join choir, do it even if you are nervous. For me, joining choir helped me to find my own sound and learn the differences between different types of music. Even if you are shy, just do it because you will end up having fun,” said Michelle Pettit.

“Just be yourself and be outgoing. You get to make so many new and interesting friends. Just stay on top of things and let your creativity flow,” said Anna Berry.

“Make friends with as many people as you can because in four short years you will have to leave them all behind to carry a legacy you’ve created,” said Summer Myers.

Below is a list of seniors in fine arts:

Choir Seniors

Lebanon Voices:

  • Destiny Gibson
  • Madeline Kennedy
  • Cassandra Smithes
  • Alyssa Spafford
  • Keenan Austin

Concert Choir:

  • Alexandra Cox
  • Selena Garcia
  • Candice Perkins
  • Michelle Pettit
  • Logan Saucier
  • Megan Nelson
  • Madison Simms


  • Joel Hesselgrave
  • Gwendolenn Hammons
  • Peter Hesselgrave
  • Johnathan Moore
  • Jacob Tribby
  • Sarah Tribby
  • Dallas Garland
  • Madison Tucker
  • Madison Smith
  • Tomas Wagner
  • Julie Cupka
  • Katherine Patterson
  • Grayson Purtlebaugh
  • Kailyn Rittenberry

Senior Artists Featured in the Senior Art Show:

  • Alyssa Smith
  • Jaydyn Johansen
  • Megan Nelson
  • Grayson Purtlebaugh
  • Heather Binion
  • Anna Berry
  • Sean Brunty
  • Kara Godby
  • Delynn Harmon
  • Liz Mars
  • Summer Myers
  • Kaitlyn Syferd
  • Madison Tucker
  • Sydney Williams

Band Seniors:

Wind Ensemble:

  •  Kayley Bautista
  • Heather Binion
  •  Julie Cupka
  • Kaitlyn Fleck
  • Dylan Flynn
  • Keenan Gibbons
  • Sara Hammerle
  • Gregory Hartard
  • Dallin Law
  • Summer Myers
  • Ryan Nastav
  • Zach Peycha
  • Lydia Roberts
  • Ben Shores
  • Sara Simpson
  • Amber Smith
  • Brandon Woodruff
  • Kierstin Mertz
  • Rowan Meyers

Concert Band:

  • Grant Goff
  •  Caleb Guffey
  • Amelia Mills

Jazz Band:

  • Henry Hutcheson
  • Zech Adams 

Percussion Ensemble:

  • Cindy Kirkman
  • Carter Ridge


  • Caitlyn Milks
  •  Alyssa Smith
  • Aerial Womack