For many years, Lebanon High School has held the junior-senior Prom at the Lebanon Armory. Controversy arose when the junior class council pitched an idea to change the location of Prom. The council’s proposal was a success and the 2019 Prom was held at the Boone County 4-H Fairgrounds.

Lebanon High School students shared their opinions on where they prefer to have Prom. Some students were very pleased with the outcome of the new location, while others were left disappointed.

Senior Jax Wilson enjoyed his time at prom and was happy to have more space on the dance floor.

“I like the fairgrounds better because I thought that there was more room in the building and you did not have to worry about being so crowded. The parking at the fairgrounds was a lot better and more convenient which was a huge plus. I also thought that the inside of the venue looked a lot more formal than the armory,” said Wilson.

Senior Konlie Westerfield prefers to stick with tradition but was surprised by how much she enjoyed the new location.

“I personally like the tradition of the armory and how the walk in is set up there but I also enjoyed having Prom at the fairgrounds this year because it was a lot bigger, nicer, and it was suitable for our school,” said Westerfield.

Senior Olin Leising was hesitant to attend Prom this year, knowing the venue would be set in a barn for fair animals.

“The thought of having prom in a barn made me not even want to go. I think that the armory is more traditional and a little classier than a barn that is used to show animals. The armory has been a tradition for many years, dating back to my parents who also had their Prom at the armory,” said Leising.

Senior Brooklyn Pullen was disappointed with the lack of space for the walk in and hoped for some cooler temperatures in the building.

“When I think of Prom, I think of the armory and it being a tradition. The fairgrounds were supposed to have air condition, but it ended up being hotter than the armory ever was. The walk in was disappointing because it was smaller and not as nice as it is at the armory,” said Pullen.

Throughout all of the controversy, a lot of opinions were voiced, leaving the question; “Where will Prom be next year?”