When you think of your favorite teacher, you probably notice the dedication put behind every lesson and the heart that it takes to be able to impart wisdom to several people on a daily basis. At Lebanon High School, two of these passionate teachers have announced 2019 as their last year teaching. Michael Milokavic and Tricia Patmore share what they will miss most about LHS and the significance the school has had in their lives.

Michael Milokavic has been teaching for 31 years in total, 17 of those years being here at LHS. Throughout the years he has taught woodshop, metal shop, drafting, engineering, construction, electricity and electronics, and broadcasting. Milokavic has learned a lot of lessons through his students and has felt honored to be able to share his knowledge of so many topics to so many people.


“There are so many things I will miss. The biggest thing for me is probably the relationships you develop. There are so many good people and so many good things have happened here that I just feel very blessed to be here at Lebanon,” said Milokavic.

Milokavic noted that he will specifically miss the sports teams he has coached over the years, including the girls’ golf team and both boys and girls wrestling.

“With athletics, we are all there for the same reason. Everybody is there because they love the sport,” said Milokavic.

Milokavic served as a role model to many students, so much so that one even followed in his footsteps and began teaching at LHS.

“One thing that has made me feel very good was when Wade Thatcher became a teacher here. He took every one of my classes when he was a student at Lebanon. To have one of my students take so many of my classes and then come back to teach the same subject area means a lot to me,” Milokavic said.

When asked to give advice to students, Milokavic outlined the importance of choosing a career you are passionate about if you plan on doing it for the rest of your life.

“Make your hobby your career. Find out what it is that you really love doing and make that what you become as a career. That way you wake up every day and you are ready to go to work and it does not become something that is so predictable that you hate getting up to do it,” said Milokavic.

Milokavic believes that he has more than followed his own advice.

After retirement, Milokavic and his wife are going to pursue a business in which they get to travel around the country while shipping different things to people. He plans on going everywhere he possibly can and is excitedly anticipating seeing different areas of the country.

“I have been really lucky to be here, this is truly a great school,” said Milokavic.

Tricia Patmore has served as one of Lebanon High School’s art teachers for the past 19 years. She has a passion for the arts and teaching her students techniques that they can use to express themselves. In her years of teaching at LHS, she has taught Introduction to 2D and 3D Art, Visual Communications, Sculpture and Printmaking, Drawing and Painting, and Advanced 2D and 3D Art. In her 30 years in total of teaching, she has formed many bonds with her students that she will never cease caring for.


“I am going to miss the students. I care so much about them and I know they care about me,” said Patmore.

When asked about her favorite memory, Patmore admitted that there are far too many to choose from.

“I have no single favorite memory, great memories come to me every day. Sometimes it happens with individual students and sometimes with groups of students that you have together. The whole experience, I think, has made this a great place to be,” said Patmore.

There is no doubt in Patmore’s mind that she belongs in Lebanon High School.

I felt like I was needed here. Something in my heart has told me that this is where I have needed to be for the past 19 years,” said Patmore.

Patmore holds kindness and doing the right thing as an important value in her life, and she wants to let students know that kindness is the most rewarding thing one can give.

“I always hope my students have learned from me that you get back what you give one-hundred-fold. Being kind is powerful,” said Patmore.

After retirement, Patmore has plans to stay in Lebanon. However, she will spend her free time travelling around the country to several national parks and other places throughout the west coast. In Lebanon, Patmore noted that she and her husband can most likely be seen helping the community through her church.

“When people ask me if I will miss Lebanon, I do not hesitate to answer that I definitely will, I will miss it,” said Patmore.

As two important and long-serving teachers prepare to say farewell to LHS, they make sure that they will never forget the place that created so many fond memories, built so many relationships, and made them enjoy their careers. It is safe to say that the teachers deserve the best of luck and fortune as they go out and expand a new chapter in their lives.

Pictures provided by Katherine Patterson and Liz Mars.