The 2020 United States presidential election is in full swing, with only a little over a year left until Election Day. For Democrats, Trump is the man to beat and the White House is the prize.

However, the Democratic candidates will face a difficult battle before reaching the direct race for the presidency, as there are currently several candidates within the Democratic field vying for voter support in hopes of winning the Democratic nomination.

According to Politico (, Joe Biden is the clear leader in the field with 32 percent support in the polls. The former vice president stands out as the only familiar face to a large number of Democratic voters, and his promise of restoring US politics to its pre-2016 state of normality is desirable to many.

In second place with 20 percent support is Senator Bernie Sanders. He gained a huge base in 2016 during his race to the Democratic nomination against Hillary Clinton that has carried over into this 2020 race. Sanders has been campaigning largely for universal healthcare and free college tuition, making him popular with younger voters.

Rounding out the top three with 16 percent is Senator Elizabeth Warren. Her campaign is focused heavily on economic reform and saving America’s rapidly disappearing middle class. Her proposed policies are generally similar to that of Bernie Sanders, but Warren has had less exposure on the national stage than he has.

There are several candidates polling under ten percent who face an uphill battle in this campaign. One such candidate is former California Attorney General Kamala Harris, who currently polls at 8 percent. Harris gained somewhat of a following after a viral clip in which she grilled Judge Brett Kavanaugh last year and campaigns largely on legal reform.

South Bend mayor Pete Buttigieg has 5 percent of the vote. He presents a standard Democratic platform and is looked up to as a positive force in the Democratic party going forward, as he is an openly gay millennial Afghanistan veteran.

Beto O’Rourke is a former representative from Texas who is known for connecting with young voters, especially from Texas. He identifies as a moderate and famously livestreamed his entire life for a while. He is presenting a standard Democratic platform.

Cory Booker is a senator from New Jersey who was known during his time as mayor of Newark for answering phone calls from citizens and personally shoveling snow after a snowstorm. He’s pushing the standard democratic agenda and is popular with New Jersey locals and people who support down-to-earth politicians.

Andrew Yang has been conducting a unique campaign on the dangers of automation and what he and his supporters see as a need for a universal basic income system. The math-obsessed entrepreneur has rapidly gained a fairly sizeable following among young voters, especially on the internet.

Where does Lebanon High School stand on the election? As one would imagine from a school with as much economic diversity as LHS, the small sample of ten anonymous students polled was completely divided. Supposing they were of legal voting age, three students said they would vote for Trump, four said they would vote for Sanders, two supported Biden and one supported Warren.