TikTok is the latest internet craze, blowing up all over social media. Countless Youtubers such as Cody Ko and Kurtis Conner have made reaction videos to the content posted on the app. There are often two groups that people fall into: Those who love TikTok and those who cannot stand it.

Junior Macy Hill does not like to create videos, but enjoys watching them.

“I think TikTok is fun because it’s an outlet for creativity,” said Hill.

Junior Morgan Kasey is also a frequent user of the app.

“I think it’s fun to scroll through and watch all the videos that people make. It kind of reminds me of vine, but like more, things are copied a lot more and there are a lot of different versions of stuff. I think it can be funny to see different versions of things.”

TikTok is not just used for funny videos, it is also becoming a platform for activism and opinions to be spread worldwide. Kasey was also asked if she thought it was possible for the site to become a popular method to spread activism and create change.

“I think any social media has the potential to be something like that, depending on who uses it. I also think it already is, you can go through and see stuff like that” said Kasey.

Overall, it seems as though TikTok is what the users make of it. It can either be a site for jokes and creativity, or a site for activism and change; possibly even both. But it’s all up to those who use it. All the power lies in the hands of the people.

Sophomore Madison VanHowe wants everyone to take this sentiment away with them:

“If I were to give any advice on how to use it, it would be to just have fun on TikTok.” said VanHowe.