By: Melia Donner

Lebanon High School welcomed several new teachers onto the staff this year.

Mr. Joshua DeBard teaches social studies classes in place of Mr. Goodwin, who retired over the summer. DeBard graduated from Western Boone and grew up in this community. He wanted to come to LHS in order to be closer to home and his wife.

“I have been impressed with the level of respect and work ethic from the students in the building. I have never taught in a place like that. I’m 100% happy that I came here. My job is to teach US history, but my job is also to make you a better person and that’s what matters,” said DeBard.

Mr. Joey Boyer is the new band teacher at Lebanon High School. He heard about the wonderful band program Lebanon had to offer as well as the rest of the staff at the school.

“I was excited to work in a band program that was so well rounded. I appreciate how helpful and friendly everyone is here, and I love the parent support for the band. I want to tell my students that if they will believe in me and the things I ask of them, I promise that they will have a fantastic music experience here,” said Boyer.

Mr. Michael Walker previously worked at Westfield Middle School, but he now works in the math department at LHS. He graduated from Lebanon.

“There’s more community in high school, it ips different because in middle school kids are just coming and passing through. I think I’ll be happy in the long run but I’m still adjusting because it’s so different from the middle school. I want my students to know that I enjoy being here and I’ll always help them out,” said Walker.

Mr. William Hiatt now teaches several sciences classes at LHS. He graduated from Lebanon and has always desired to come back to teach and improve the way science is taught in high school.

“Lebanon stands out because of the passion and school spirit that all members of the school community embody. I’m not sure I’ve encountered a school community so united behind doing what is best to prepare each and every student for success. Life is so much bigger than high school,” said Hiatt.

Mrs. Sarah Osborne teaches art at Lebanon High School. After visiting Lebanon, she decided that she wanted to learn more about the students and community. She recently had a daughter who was born in January.

“I think that LHS has some really nice kids. The staff helps each other out and cares for each other and the students. One thing that is unique is that sometimes all the students are in their classes before the bell ring. I’m used to students being late all the time,” said Osborne.

Each teacher reminds and encourages students to come to them with anything they might need throughout the school year.