For many people, unity and support is an important aspect of sharing something that they are passionate about. Having even just one person share the same interests builds a sense of camaraderie and togetherness, and with that one is never without encouragement to pursue the things that make them feel strong. This is something that the Fellowship of Christian Athletes club at Lebanon High School perfectly exemplifies.

In order to commemorate the National Day of Student Prayer, FCA met together on the morning of September 25th, 2019 for the See You at the Pole ceremony. This ceremony is an annual activity that is accompanied by donuts and refreshments, as well as a strong feeling of unity among the members of FCA around the nation.


Club sponsor Rachel Becker has been involved with FCA for years, and throughout those years has been leading the See You at the Pole ceremony. Being very involved in her faith, Becker was eager to gather students that are just as passionate about it as she is.

“I remember when I was in high school, I would pull up and see a crowd of students around the flagpole. I think it is a great image of prayer and of students and staff joining together to pray for the school and community. It is a very positive image of spirituality, and I think this ceremony is important for us all to see every day,” Becker said.

Jared Miller, another club sponsor, was excited about the sense of unity that the ceremony provided. He felt that it was an opportunity to bring people together that normally would not have the opportunity to share their faith with one another.

“I think that this is a great time for all of us—students, staff and faculty—to come together as one and really focus on what is important,” Miller said.

It is not only the staff that are passionate about the club, but several student athletes as well. Junior Bethany Wilson got up early just to make it to the event.

“See You at the Pole means a lot to me because people all over the country and the nation are praying at the same time. It is so meaningful that that many people in different areas of life can come together,” Wilson said.

Wilson discovered that she belonged in FCA in middle school. She enjoys the fact that she can participate in something that emphasizes two defining aspects of her life; athletics and her religion.


“I have always been very big on my faith and I want to be a part of that, especially in my school,” Wilson said.

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes club meets every Friday in the mornings in the Community Rooms. For many people, the club is an excellent way to express and to be more involved with their faith. Ultimately, the support that they gain from one another is enough to create a sense of togetherness that helps strengthen their already unwavering faith.