Homecoming at Lebanon High School is a time for students and staff to come together and participate in many activities throughout the week.  Dress up days are scheduled for each day of the week to show spirit leading up to the football game on Friday night. When Friday rolls around, the community breaks out their black and gold and the anticipation for the big night is finally here.

Every year a senior boy and a senior girl are crowned homecoming king and queen. This year the homecoming king was Christian Hackett and the homecoming queen was Lizzie Kincaid.

Christian Hackett is involved in FFA and says that he enjoys being kind to everyone. Lizzie Kincaid describes herself as a very kind and creative person. She plays for the LHS volleyball and participates on the track and field team.

Hackett and Kincaid both shared how they felt about being on court and after the results were announced on Friday night when they were crowned the 2019 king and queen.

“I was very shocked when I won because I didn’t think people would vote for me, but I am super grateful to be honored by my peers and my teachers,” said Kincaid.

“I was humbled and at a loss of words for how much winning meant to me, but more importantly I was grateful to be a part of such a wonderful event with such amazing people,” said Hackett.

When asked how they were treated differently, Kincaid said, “A lot more people have smiled at me and after the crowning, a lot of young girls asked for a picture with me, which made me feel really special.”

“I received a ton of congratulations from people that I do not talk to frequently. I would just thank them because I have been blessed with many things in my life and I try my best to remain humble,” said Hackett.

Kincaid and Hackett both shared their favorite parts about being a member of the 2019 homecoming court.

“My favorite part about the whole court experience was getting to know everyone on the court a little better and getting to dress up all fancy for a night,” said Kincaid.

“My favorite part of being on court was definitely being represented alongside a lot of amazing people. I enjoyed being able to stand on that football field with eleven of the most well rounded and joyful people I know,” said Hackett.