The iPhone 11 came out September 20, 2019 and has so many new features it is packed full of new technology. Coming with two or three built in cameras depending on the model you buy, the new and improved iPhone includes:

New Features

  • Dual Camera system
  • Highest video Quality ever
  • New Ultra-Wide lense
  • Smart HDR
  • The “Slofie” (slow-motion selfie)
  • All day Battery
  • Faster WIfi
  • Audio Sharing
  • New Audio settings


There has been a lot of commotion about having more than one camera.

“I think that all the cameras are a little much but you can’t beat the price but I’m still not sure if I will buy it or just wait for the next one,” said sophomore Nick Finney.

The iPhone has a lot of new features, but are they all liked? Most people seem to think that the three cameras are almost too much, but are satisfied with the other features and little improvements.

“I think that all the new features are really nice and I like to take pictures so the new camera’s and all the new stuff will definitely help. I will probably end up buying the iPhone 11,” said junior Heather McKay.

There are new colors for the iPhone 11 that have never been a option before like green, purple and yellow along with several other small improvements such as the audio sharing where you can connect several pairs of headphones to one phone.

Apple says that this is the best phone on the market right now and with the $699 price tag it is also one of their most reasonably priced too. With all the tech that’s packed into it and with the new cameras and upgrades.

“I haven’t really seen a lot about it but apple usually comes out with really nice stuff and I heard about the three cameras and I wasn’t sure about it but after seeing it I’m excited to see it in person,” said junior Camden Williamson.