Lebanon High School [LHS] has many opportunities for its students to choose from such as Welding, Precision Machining, Certified Nurse’s Assistant program. But that’s just a few there is almost too many to name.

Cody Langdon Said “The amount of opportunities at LHS is kind of crazy. You can do so much you have so many choices in what to do and where you can intern.”

Kaitlyn Stoops is a CNA at LHS and interns to Homewood that’s right down the street from LHS. She is in her first year of her CNA internship she loves going down to the nursing home and helping people. She loves putting a smile on someone’s face when they just want to sit down and talk or she has to give them their medicine.

Kaitlyn Stoops said “I got into nursing because of my grandpa he passed away with Alzheimer and now I want to help people that are in that position.”

Cody Langdon is in Precision machining which is a internship that takes students to a machine shop where you learn hands on. You learn everything about machining all the precise cuts and how to do it all just like a pro.

Cody said “He loves that it is all hands on no homework, you do it all there and you learn fast if you just pay attention.”

Boone REMC is another one of the places where kids can intern at LHS Hunter smith is one of the kids that do intern at Boone REMC. He calculates where transformers need to go and travels around to different substations around Boone county and how to work on them. Hunter wants a career in this field and said that this internship helped him make his decision very easy.

Hunter Smith said “I enjoy gaining all the experience and the people I work with I love learning all the new stuff every day and I would definitely recommend taking an internship it is so much fun and could help you find your future job.”

At LHS, these are just a few of the internship opportunities you can take advantage of to get a jumpstart on your career. You can see if something is right for you or if that’s what you want to make your future job. Instead of hoping right into something you have never seen before and you really haven’t experienced ever before.