High school is known to be some of the best years of peoples’ lives, and for most people, sports make it better.  Each year, there is always a new batch of teenagers ending this life-changing era and preparing themselves for their next step in life.  Lebanon High School is blessed to have 47 senior fall student athletes. These are just a few seniors from each sport Lebanon provides for fall season.

Fall Senior Student Athletes:


  • Becca Douglass
  • Erynn Smith
  • Kenzie Fouts
  • Macey Kenna
  • Madison Stofer

Boys Cross Country:

  • Cody Mendenhall
  • David Bradley
  • Hunter Smith
  • Jared Carter
  • Mason McWaters
  • Nick Toleos

Girls Cross Country:

  • Emerson Haines
  • Lucy Gascho


  • Abi Richardson
  • Drew Wilson
  • Easton Williamson
  • Erin Shallenberger
  • Jarrett French
  • Michael Reese

Girls Golf:

  • Taylar Dale

Boys Soccer:

  • Alex VanZandt
  • Ben Piper
  • Carson Burtron
  • Drew Cosgray
  • Ethan Neihart
  • Keaton Newman

Girls Soccer:

  • Britney Metcalf
  • Chloe Stogsdill
  • Jessica Stackhouse
  • Kennedy Parker
  • Maddie Maher
  • Madison McIntyre

Boys Tennis:

  • Brayden Myers
  • Daniel Hood
  • Drew Davidson
  • Harrison Love
  • Luke Ferrell
  • Michael Wright
  • Nick Nies


  • Ellie Alexander
  • Emma Huse
  • Gabby Brewer
  • Jackie Terrill
  • Jada Folden
  • Jordan Windhorst
  • Lizzie Kincaid
  • Lucy Tubbs

Erynn Smith is a part of the Varsity Cheerleading squad and is very happy about being a senior because she is very excited to graduate.  She has been trying to get involved as much as she can with the underclassmen to make them feel more comfortable and welcomed on the team.

“I feel like the seniors get along very well and might even be the best group of seniors yet.  This might be a biased opinion because I am one, but I think we work together well since there is only five of us,” said Smith.

Varsity cheerleader Macey Kenna feels like seniors are expected to help lead the underclassmen more, be there for them and act almost as a mentor to them.  She thinks that seniors in cheerleading, especially, have to pass down their knowledge to the underclassmen before they leave so they are prepared for their upcoming years.

“Being a senior in general is scary because a lot of things are happening that I did not expect would happen.  For example, applying for colleges came on so soon and all of the sudden I was hit with all of these responsibilities and I did not know how to handle them,” said Kenna.

 Hunter Smith runs for the boys cross country and still feels weird being a senior, because this is the last year he gets with all of his classmates and says he will most likely not see anyone after this year.  Cross country’s going pretty strong so far this season in Smith’s opinion; the team always tend to either get first place or at least score high at every meet.

“Now that I am a senior, I am getting more involved with my sports by practicing harder and trying a little harder than in the past years. I have also been trying a little harder than in the past years,” said Smith.

Smith’s goal this year is to get a personal record and also win conference because LHS has not won conference for cross country for almost 40 years.  If Smith receives a scholarship to a decent college that offers the major he is wanting to practice in, he would definitely go and run for the college as well.

Boys cross country runner Jared Carter is extremely proud to be a senior this year.  He feels as if all of the work he has been doing is finally starting to pay off.  His only goal this year was to win conference for boys and believes his last season has been going very well so far.

“I am doing a lot of things differently in sports now than what I was doing as an underclassman.  I definitely take more of a lead role, I do not sit back as much and I am more vocal,” said Carter.

Senior night has already passed for boys cross country and went very well.  All of the parents were very supportive and the coach, Shelley West, did a great job of organizing the entire event.  Carter is most likely not going to continue his sport in college.

Girls cross country runner Emerson Haines enjoys being a senior, knowing that it is her last year at LHS, and finally being one of the oldest people in the school.  Haines thinks cross country is having a strong season and had goals of winning conference as a team for the second year in a row.  She hopes to advance to regionals as a team for the first year ever.

“Now that I am a senior, I feel as if I get to make a lot of decisions for the team.  I never got that opportunity in the past as an underclassman,”said Haines.

Senior night has already passed for girls cross country; Haines believes it went really well and was overall a good night.  Although she likes running, she does not plan to continue running in college.

Lucy Gascho runs for girls cross country for the first time in her life this year.  She wanted to do cross country this year because one of her best friends did it and wanted her to try out as well.  Gascho loves being a senior and plans on swimming at Anderson University.

“Cross country was everything I expected it to be, it is a very challenging sport and that was exactly what I expected it to be,” said Gascho.

Football manager Erin Shallenberger loves being a senior and everything that comes with being a senior: the senior festivities, the last first times and the memories.  She feels she is ready to graduate and move on to the next step in her journey.

Being a football manager is a lot different this year for Shallenberger, compared to what it has been in the past.  Her and Abi Richardson have been a part of the program for two years now, which means they have certain expectations from them in terms of prep and managing all games and practices.  They are given lots of responsibilities this year because of them being older.

“I feel like my last season is going good.  It is kind of weird this year not being around some of the older guys, but it has allowed the opportunity for new friendships to be in with both Abi and I,” said Shallenberger.

Michael Reese plays varsity football and feels good about finally being a senior.  He does not have any goals for the season personally, but as a team they have the goal of winning conference and potentially sectionals.

“It is different from being an underclassman because you are used to looking up to the older kids, but once you are a senior, the younger kids look up to you and look at you as a role model,” said Reese.

Reese wishes to continue being a student athlete as he goes on to Marian University, but is still deciding between football or baseball.

Taylar Dale plays golf and loves being a senior, even if she is the only senior girl golf player for LHS. Her last season with the golf team has definitely been her best season.  Dale feels as if she has bonded with the girls a lot this year.  Her only goal for this season was to be better than she was last season.

“It is definitely different being a senior rather than being an underclassman because I feel more responsible and I want to set a great example for the younger athletes and help them,” said Dale.

Varsity boys soccer player Alex VanZandt is excited to be a senior and be a school-wide representative for not only the soccer program, but what it means to be a Tiger athlete in general. His last season as a soccer player is going incredibly well and has so many memorable moments to go with it.

“As an underclassman, I always thought that I would go harder and be better next year, but as a senior, I have to go all out every opportunity because I do not get any more chances after this season,” said VanZandt.

VanZandt’s goal this season was to become more talkative and to be more involved on the offensive side of the ball.  He plans on trying to walk on whatever college he decides to attend, however, he is not looking at colleges specifically for soccer.

Ben Piper plays soccer for the boys varsity soccer team and believes being a senior is much more relaxing than being a junior, besides the college stuff.  As a senior, he shows more leadership to younger kids on the team who have not played the more competitive high game and really tries to boost their confidence.

“Senior night so happens to be on my birthday so I am really hoping for a win and I am a little sad it will be my last home game ever,” said Piper.

Piper will likely not sign for a college in soccer, but if the opportunity for an Intramural soccer comes up, he might have to strap up the cleats again.

Overall, the boys soccer team has been very successful this season.  The team won their varsity invitational and will finish the season with a winning record going into sectionals.

Kennedy Parker has cheered for 13 years before she made the last-minute decision to switch to playing girls soccer her last season before graduation.  Not continuing in cheerleading was hard for Parker, but she loves the experience that comes with playing soccer.

“I am both happy and sad to be a senior and this be my final year to participate in high school sports.  I am upset because I do not know if I am going to do another sport, but at the same time I am happy because I am graduating.  Sports are definitely the highlight of high school so it is sad that it is all ending,” said Parker.

Varsity girls soccer player Maddie Maher wraps up her fourth and final season playing on the Varsity team. She has been captain the past two years in soccer, so not many things have changed this year, just the fact that she is more of a leader now.

“Being a senior is sad because this is my last year and I am forced to leave all of my friends behind, but I am also excited to make new friends and start a new life after graduation,”said Maher.

Maher believes the girls soccer team has had a great season so far, especially after losing 12 seniors last year.  She plans on continuing playing soccer at Evangel University after graduating high school.

Boys tennis player Nick Nies loves being a senior and knowing that after this year, he gets to go off to college.  He does not plan on continuing tennis in college but would enjoy occasionally playing with friends or possibly joining a league that plays on weekends.

“As a senior I basically have the same role on the team as I did last year.  I have been a captain the post two years and I feel the whole team looks up to me as a leader,” said Nies.

Not only Nies, but the entire boys tennis team is 16-6 so far this season.  Nies has the goal of winning sectionals and to advance as far as possible in the post season; this all starts next week.

Michael Wright plays for boys tennis and believes this season has been the best one in his career because he has won against multiple people who have won against him in the past.  His goals for the rest of the season are to win sectionals and move onto regionals.

“Being a senior is different than being an underclassman because you get more privleges when deciding team decisions.  It is kind of refreshing being a senior because after this year, I can have more freedom,” said Wright.

Senior night for boys tennis was successful against Lafayette as all seven seniors on the team got to play Varsity that night.  Wright plans on continuing playing tennis when he goes to college, but is deciding between DePauw University, Marian University and Taylor University.

Varisty volleyball player Gabby Brewer is excited about being a senior, but is also sad because it will be the last time she gets to play volleyball with her friends at LHS. Brewer feels as a leader, being a senior now, more than she did being an underclassman and can see how the underclassmen look up to seniors.

“Our last season is going pretty good for volleyball.  We have had some well-fought games that we should have won, but have learned from those and have grown.  Our goal this season is to go out and get a sectional win. Previous years we have been so close to winning one, so now we want it more than ever,” said Brewer.

Brewer has not started planning for senior night yet but is sure it will be exciting see how much we have grown since we first played.  She does not plan on continuing volleyball in college, but is undecided on playing basketball in college.

Lizzie Kincaid plays varsity volleyball and thinks this last season is going to be amazing.  There are a lot of seniors on the volleyball team and Kincaid feels like this was a good last go around with the girls she has played with since sixth grade.

“Being a senior is something I still have not felt to be honest. I still feel like I have more years to go!  As an underclassmen you feel as you do not have much impact on your team and your sport but now being a senior I can feel pressure and leadership that is placed on my shoulders,” said Kincaid.

Kincaid’s goals this season were to have fun and enjoy it as much as she could.  She does not plan on continuing in volleyball through college, but hopes to possibly play on Intermural teams.

Make sure to visit https://lebanonathletics.com/for more information on Lebanon High School’s fall sports and their schedules. Some have passed, but support the rest of Lebanon’s senior fall athletes at their senior nights coming up!

Cheerleading: October 11, 2019

Boys Cross Country: September 19, 2019

Girls Cross Country: September 19, 2019

Football: October 11, 2019

Girls Golf: September 5, 2019

Boys Soccer: October 1, 2019

Girls Soccer: September 19, 2019

Boys Tennis: September 24, 2019

Volleyball: October 7, 2019

All senior fall athletes, managers, color guard and band members will be recognized during halftime of the football game against Southmont on October 11, 2019.