Most people would think 1869 would be just another ordinary year for the world, no one would ever think the great event that happened within that year would turn into something this big. 150 years ago, college football was invented and has grew tremendously since then.

As of today, there are rarely ever any colleges that do not offer a collegiate football team.  This sport has grown not only throughout the United States, but has grown within many people personally.

The year 1869 was the first college football season to take place in the United States.  When this sport was first played, it had improvised rules in it that related to soccer and rugby more than it did the average North American football.  There were only two games in the 1869 season.  These two games were both between the Rutgers and Princeton.

The 1869 Rutgers Queensmen football team ended the short season with the record of 1-1.  This was made to be known as the Co-National Champion. The team did not have an actual coach, but had a captain by the name of William Leggett.

The 1869 Princeton Tigers football team proudly represented the College of New Jersey (Princeton College). With the Rutgers being a Co-National Champion, Princeton was automatically labeled as being a Co-National Champion as well.  William Gummere was Princeton’s first captain, even with being only 17 years old.

The first intercollegiate American football game occurred on November 6, where the Rutgers won with the score of 6-4.  However, Rutgers had a different set of rules than what Princeton did so the Tigers blame that on them losing the game.  The following week, Rutgers and Princeton played at Princeton and under Princeton’s rules, which led them to win 8-0.

It is truly amazing how fast college football has grown and how popular it has come to be.  The fact that this tradition has lasted this long and still gets the amount of attention it does today.  Happy 150th anniversary, collegiate football.