Many people are aware that around the world, there are millions of people that are in need of the things that we take for granted. What many may not know, however, is that there are ways that they can easily help these people, and they may just be buried in the back of the closet.

This year, Lebanon High School’s business club DECA is working with organization Funds2Orgs to collect students’ unwanted shoes in order to raise money for both people in third world countries and for the school as well. The organization gathers shoes from schools across the nation and gives back a fraction of the profits to the club or organization that donated them. The shoes are then transported to people in need, whether that be due to poverty or destruction from a variety of different natural disasters. The shoes that are in good condition are given to people to sell in their own businesses, and the worn-out shoes are sold to separate businesses. The money from the worn shoes is then given to people in need to provide them a way to sustain themselves despite the hardships they face.

The club is, quite literally, encouraging every student at LHS to put themselves in their shoes. Junior Natalie Dafoe, DECA’s Chapter President for the 2019-2020 school year, shared her perspective on why the Shoe Drive is so important.

“For me, looking in my closet was an eye-opener. I have all of these shoes that I think are cute, but I never reach for them. Some people around the world do not even have one pair. It is a matter of looking into your closet and justifying whether or not you need these shoes, how often you reach for them, how often you wear them, and if they are purely for just fashion sense. We grow up in a first world country where we can justify these things, but some people do not even have shoes to walk with,” said Dafoe.

The Shoe Drive is being held until November 27th, and Funds2Orgs collects the shoes weekly to transport them to people in need.