The third season of 13 Reasons Why, with a ranking of 7.9/10, according to IMBD, is a huge hit and follows up on relating to other people’s real-life stories. If you want to know about 13 Reasons Why and important information on Suicide Prevention, then here are some great tips that may be helpful for the next time you feel down in the dumps.

Junior Katie Branham talked about what the show 13 Reasons Why meant to her and she said the show could help a lot of other teens who are dealing with the same problems the character faces.

“The show has a lot of seriousness in it, that I can relate to” Branham said. “the suicide rate is still very high and there are many young teens that still go through suicidal thoughts and situations,”

Branham thinks that the school should teach students how to deal with their emotions.

“Educating people on the way chemical balances in the brain work, will help people understand more of why they are sad. Talking to someone close is a great way to find help,” Branham said.

If Branham could ask one question for the cast of 13 Reasons Why, it would be for the character Jessica Davis.

“I would ask Jessica how it felt to betray a rape victim,” Branham said.

Sophomore Matalyn Bolen thinks that we should talk amore about Suicide Prevention.

“It could be talked about more so people can prevent it from happening,” Bolen said.

One thing Bolen took from the show was that friends will always be there for you when you need them.

“I keep watching because it’s a good show and the characters are interesting,” Bolen said.

Something senior Erin Shallenberger learned from the show is how to deal with a variety of difficult situations.

“The show definitely prepares you for a lot of life situation,” said Shallenberger.

Shallenberger also thinks Lebanon High School should talk about suicide prevention more than it currently does.

“We should talk about it more, because right now we don’t talk about it at all,” Shallenberger said.

Shallenberger relates to the show because many things that happen in the show can happen at any moment and anywhere.

“It relates to real events that happen in high school and it leaves an impact,” Shallenberger said.

If Shallenberger could ask one of the 13 Reasons Why characters anything, she said she would choose to ask Bryce Walker.

“I would ask Bryce how the events in the show have impacted his life,” Shallenberger said.

Based on opinions of the students here at Lebanon High School, suicide prevention is not talked about enough and certainly is not taken as seriously as it should be. People at LHS believe that nobody should hide from it and suicide in general should be an open topic, not a hidden part of life.

Below is a copy of the Lifesavers Manual, which includes information to educate people about suicide prevention.

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