Haunted Houses are some of the most popular attractions across America during the month of October. In preparation for the Halloween season, around 90% of American households participate in Halloween festivities, and with over 1,000 professional and independent Haunted Houses (americahaunts.com), this is one of the most popular holiday seasons of the year.

Many students use October as a month to get experience in the work place, make money for the upcoming holiday season, or get a job without the yearlong requirement many jobs have. Some of these students work at Halloween themed attractions and events due to their short-lived nature. One of these many students is Lebanon High School junior, Bryce Johnson.

Johnson works as an attendant at Jamestown, Indiana’s Fear Farm, one of the most popular local haunt sites near Lebanon High School.

“I worked at Fear Farm with the bowling team, we volunteer and the money we earn pays for our fees,” said Johnson.

Fear Farm opens the last week of September and is open through October, closing after Halloween has passed. Making the commitment for the job only last a few weeks, because it has an off and on season.

There are many pros and cons for each job, especially a customer service centered position.

“My favorite part was actually the people, everyone from the owner to the other workers were all super cool,” said Johnson.

Working in a place that requires physical activity to scare other people can result in an injury or two.

“I worked the haunted trail the first night, the scene I was in was an old bus. I was running out of the bus and got hit by an open emergency exit window. I split open my nose and got a concussion. They had to glue my nose back together. But that was the only negative experience I have had,” said Johnson.

There are often many positions and spaces open for students looking for jobs during the various holiday seasons, check your local holiday centered businesses for more information.