Lebanon High School recently held their 29thannual Tiger Leadership Camp at Brown County in Nashville, Indiana. Students participated in team events, thoughtful discussions, and staff led activities in an effort to create stronger leaders within the school.

Each spring, students are free to self-nominate or be nominated by teachers to attend. Letters are released in the fall prior to Tiger Leadership Camp.

Jessica Lehmkhuler, Paige Newsome, Levi Johnson, and Emerson Wolfbrandt were a few of the many students that attended the 2019 Tiger Leadership Camp.

“My favorite part was when we had free time because it allowed me to hang out with people I don’t normally see. I think that camp did allow me to grow my leadership skills and I saw improvement when I returned to school,” said Lehmkhuler.

Though there were many things she took away from the camp, she took one quote to heart.

“I remember one simple statement, ‘Be the one.’ I am really happy I went because I can be a better leader for my school, community, and family,” said Lehmkhuler.

“My favorite part was winning first place. Going to camp helped me learned how to problem solve and work with new people. I definitely think going was a valuable experience, and I got to know so many great people outside of my circle,” said Newsom.

“I got to meet new people and spend time with friends throughout camp. There were many exercises that made me a better leader, but I also learned that a leader can be many things. I am happy that I went but I think that the time at camp should be extended,” said Johnson.

“I think that Tiger Leadership Camp helped me with my communication and problem-solving skills. I took away the main ideas of what it means to be a leader and what I can do around the school to help others,” said Wolfbrandt.

Ms. Holli Decker, with the help of Mrs. Kendra Whipkey, is in charge of organizing the camp. She has helped with camp since she began teaching at LHS 25 years ago.

“I most enjoy getting to meet students I might not otherwise meet, getting to see my students in a different venue, and spending time with my colleagues. Students who are selected to attend camp have been identified as having leadership potential. Sometimes we see a marked difference in students when they return from camp. Sometimes the change is more subtle and sometimes there is either no change or it only lasts a week or two. Regardless, I definitely feel that camp is worth the effort,” said Decker.