Marching band and color guard are an important part of any school. They have a special meaning to the students involved. The amount of time the Lebanon High School band and color guard put into practicing is unbelievable. Color guard is a way for students to create a special bond with one another and become more of a family. It also allows ways for students to grow among themselves as the same goes with the marching band.

Sophomore Grace Medici is a part of the color guard. She has been in the color guard for two years in high school and was a tigerette all throughout her middle school years.

“Color guard has been my escape from everything that is happening in the world. You are focused with your routine and you put a ton of time in it,” said Medici.

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Junior Bryce Johnson has always enjoyed being a part of the marching band. He plays the drums.

 “Marching band, is not just hitting a drum or marching around a field, it is kind of the way I express myself,” said Johnson.

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There are many challenges that come with being a part of the color guard or marching band. As our director for marching band switched this year, it has been a struggle for the color guard as well.

Sophomore Charlotte Peña has some challenges that only she can fix individually. Some of these challenges may come to other girls involved with color guard, but Peña specifically.

“I am currently working through bettering my attitude and my outlook on practices. It is also challenging because we have a new director and he runs things differently,” said Peña.

Sophomore William Lloyd loves marching band. He plays the mellophone. Although there are challenges he faces, more people are facing similar problems that are involved with marching band.

“We had a new staff so it was hard to work things out at first, but then we got into the flow and had many successes like getting 8th at state fair,” said Lloyd.

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Along with challenges, there are many successes that come with being on marching band or in color guard. Maggie Yang, a junior at LHS, has been on color guard all her years attending LHS and was also a tigerette when she was in middle school.

“We have exceeded in a lot of stuff, like when we got 7thin state last year from scratch bottom,” said Yang.

Senior JR Brandhoefer is one of the conductors of the marching band.

“It was incredible getting to do something different this year and getting to see the growth in the band over the summer. The one challenge we had this year, was our change in director. You have a lot of students who are loyal to Mr. Conard, and with him gone and Mr. Boyer coming in, there was a lot of tension. But we grew past it and moved on, because of the growth and the addition of Mr. Boyer, we saw success with 8thplace at state fair this year,” said Brandhoefer.

As the 2019 marching band and color guard season is coming to an end, most of them are proud of how their season went. They both placed well in state and had outstanding performances at our home football games. Friday was the last home game and last performance for the color guard and marching band.

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