The battle that has been going on for years. Bikers think that they should be on top of the food chain, but so do skaters.  So, who should really own the skate park?  Lebanon High School students are ready to answer this question.

“I have been riding bikes since I was about 10 years old just around town with my buddies at first. Then we all started trying to do tricks and getting nicer bikes working on them all night. That is what I like about bikes, all my friends and I get to hangout do tricks and work on our bikes,”said freshman Caydon Osborne.

Biking is a great pass time and you can hang with your friends and enjoy it all together. It is great for getting you and all of your friends together and to just have fun.

“I enjoy skating much more than riding bikes; I skate just about every morning to school and after school. I have been riding skateboards as long as I can remember. It is one of my favorite things to do, it helps me clear my mind and just cruise for a while,”said senior Zach Hoshor.

Both skating and biking seem like they bring people together and give teens something fun to do that is also productive and gives them something to focus on. It takes their minds off of school, which can be stressful and gives them time to relax.

“If I had to choose, I would probably pick bikes. I like to learn new tricks and working on them with all my friends. Skating takes a lot of practice and I just never really tried to pick up on it. Maybe in the future, but for now definitely bikes are way more fun,”said freshman Bennett Battiato.

Based on recent surveys, more people have said that they would most definitely choose a bike over a skate board at LHS.  This is because skating takes too much time and level of mastery that it is almost too difficult for some.

All in all, they are both very fun activities in which you get to hang with your friends and see everyone get better and put their time into something that is productive. It is also fun to see everyone put together their new bikes or try something new on the bike. Watching everyone develop from not being able to bunny hop, to them doing 360’s and all these cool new tricks is amazing.