When someone thinks of the components of a school, it is likely that students and teachers first come to mind. Although these people are important, there are many other staff members that may be overlooked.

Mrs. Sara VanDokkenburg is the front office secretary at Lebanon High School. This is her second year working at LHS and her daily duties consist of answering phone calls, doing announcements, and handling parking permits, lunch permits, and work permits.

“I like to think of myself as a director because I greet people as they come into the building and guide them on where to go,” said VanDokkenburg.

Outside of the office, Mrs. VanDokkenburg spends her time as the freshman class sponsor, as well as the cross-country team mom.

Mrs. Lisa Robinson is the attendance secretary and this is her seventh year working at LHS. Throughout the day you can find her running passes, answering the phone, logging attendance, handling tardies and lates to school, and housing disciplinary students.

“My favorite part about my job is working with my student helpers because they are the best. They are just wonderful. Although the office can be fast paced, I enjoy working with a staff that works as a team,” said Robinson.

Mrs. Anne Helkey is the student services secretary and she has been at LHS for four years. She gets to spend most of her day playing with Boone, but is also in charge of many things including testing.

“One thing I enjoy doing when I am not busy is to go through the old high school transcripts. We have some from the early 1900s that are very interesting to look at,” said Helkey.

Mrs. Helkey is also the freshman class sponsor and the co-advisor for the student ambassadors.

Mrs. Vicki Miller is the principle secretary, but says that she is in charge of a lot more things people may not know about.

“I do a lot more than just help to keep the principles organized. I also deal with a lot of the financial parts. I am in charge of pay roll and making claims for all of the purchases. I pretty much do whatever keeps things going,” said Miller.

Mrs. Miller was the junior class sponsor for four years but decided to hand off her position this year.

“The best part about my job is getting to see the smiling students every day. It is so rewarding to see achievements of students and watch them grow over the years,” said Miller.