Podcasts have become very popular within the last couple years. People everywhere listen to them for all sorts of different reasons.

Senior Ryan Powell has a different look about podcasts and doesn’t find podcasts as intriguing as others do.

“Podcasts are just boring to me. I do not understand how people can just sit and watch other people talk for hours. I just do not like the idea of a podcast and I have no clue what would make podcasts better,” Powell said.

Some students of LHS agreed that podcasts at times are boring and want to see more excitement out of them.

Sophomore Andrew Arven watches the No Jumper podcast, which is about the newest and talented artists that try to make themselves bigger in America.

I like No Jumper because it talks about new rap music and interviews rap artists. I only watch podcasts about twice a month. I like them though, because they are entertaining and talk about stuff I like,” Arven said.

Sophomore Jackson Thomas enjoys watching podcasts that are informational and that cover a variety of different things.

“My favorite podcast to watch is H3, it is funny and the people that produce it try to make bad things into good, by making jokes. I do not watch podcasts very often, though, just here and there,” Thomas said.

Lebanon High School wants to produce a podcast known as The Roar and is brainstorming ideas for a few different topics.

 “If the school did a podcast, I think it should be about sports,” Thomas said.

Senior Zach Hoshor likes to hear about conspiracies, and is intrigued by famous podcast star Joe Rogan.

“I watch a lot of Joe Rogan Experience podcasts, he used to be a fighter,” Hoshor said.

Hoshor said he listens to podcasts more than watching them on video.

It is funny when a bunch of people are talking, I put on Joe Rogan about every other night before I go to bed,” Hoshor said.

One of Hoshor’s hobbies is riding bikes and thinks the school should do a podcast about it.

“A segment could be about bike tricks, and the risks of being a skater,” Hoshor said.

Sophomore Andrew Northrop enjoys watching a few different types of podcasts. He said that he likes funny podcasts the most.

Red-letter Media is a podcast I like, and they review movies,” Northrop said. “They are funny mostly; they are supposed to stay on topic and within five second they are just not,”

Andrew has a few ideas for The Roar podcast here at LHS.

“Don’t make it another version of student news, get random kids form student body and then it will be very entertaining,” Northrop said.

Overall, many students have input on what they think their ideal podcast would be. It seems to be that when it comes to the world of podcasts, there is something for everyone.

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