Horror movies have long been a Halloween tradition. If you were forced to work, do homework, or brave the despicable weather to go trick-or-treating on Halloween, you might not have gotten a chance to stay inside and watch a good horror movie.

When asked about her favorite horror movie, sophomore Abrianna Murphy said hers was The Visit.

The Visit scares me because it is scary to think about. The movie itself is not all that scary, but the idea of being trapped in a house with crazy people and nowhere to go is terrifying,” Murphy said.

Sophomore Zach Perrine is a student with a strong appreciation of the classics.

The Exorcist is probably not the scariest movie ever anymore, but it isa really great movie in general. The performances are fantastic and the movie had a huge impact on popular culture in its time,” Perrine said.

Sophomore Skylar Ritchie took a different approach.

The Nun is my favorite because it is more funny than scary. Everything that was supposed to be scary was so ridiculous that it wrapped around to being funny, and I enjoyed it more as a comedy movie,” Ritchie said.

Junior Caden Rule also took this approach.

“I love Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. It is completely incompetent as a horror film, but it functions really well as a comedy which is why I love it so much,” Rule said.

Senior Phillip Betts took an extraordinarily unusual approach to the question.

“I think the scariest movie that I have ever seen is Wall-E. While it is true that it is very kid-friendly while you are watching it, it scares you after you watch it when you think about the dystopian setting. It stands out as a really depressing prediction for the future of humanity that scares me more than any ghost or serial killer,” Betts said.