In previous years, Lebanon High School has had many foreign exchange students. All exchange students range from freshman to juniors and stay up to one year at LHS. Typically, the student stays with a host family while attending school and also gets to experience what the new location is like. This year Charlotte Lang has joined the junior class, traveling from Falkensee, Germany to Lebanon, Indiana.

Lang came from a small city near Berlin and has lived there her whole life.

“It is a nice city to grow up in. The city is surrounded with nature. We do not have a downtown and it is not a city with much industry, business and agriculture. It is a city for families,” said Lang.

In her town they also have more accessible transportation than here.

“In my hometown we have a lot of public transportation and I can easily travel into Berlin or through the city and do not have to ask my parents,” said Lang.

Although she likes little things about Lebanon she also misses things back home like her animals.

“I miss a little pony. It is a pony at a barn where I used to ride. And I miss my dog. I spent a lot of time with these animals and taught them little tricks”, said Lang.

Lang lives with a host family which consists of a host mother and many animals.

“She lives at a small farm with chickens, 2 horses, 2 dogs, 2 cats, a pig and a donkey. She has never a kid before,” said Lang.

She also says that one of the most difficult things about having a host family is not having siblings around and becoming more independent.

“To have no siblings is also a new experience. I don’t have my parents at home so that I am more independent means that I have to organize myself more,” said Lang.

At LHS she has been introduced to new classes she has not had before. Lang has taken digital design, physics, and US history.

“I like digital design. It is something that I have never done before, but it is nice to know how to do it. US history and physics are more difficult for me but it is interesting to see another point of view about the history in Germany,” said Lang.

While being here for the short time she has grown to like certain things about Lebanon.

“In Lebanon there are many restaurants. In my city we don’t have many restaurants like the Milky-Way,” said Lang.

Since being here she also says that many have been very friendly to her.

“Most people here are very friendly and open. And many people helped me at the beginning,” said Lang.

Before heading home, Lang would like to explore our traditions and become less shy.

“While I am here I want to get a look into the traditions here and just enjoy the time here and get a lot of impression that I only get if I am here,” said Lang.

Lang has faced many difficult situations here and has been introduced to many new things. She has really enjoyed her time here so far and has been able to make many friends. Getting a new view of somewhere other than Germany allows her to learn something new every day.

“All in all, I changed my point of view because I got a view in the American life,” said Lang.