Every year, towards the end of the first semester, the seniors of Lebanon High School gather for a night to celebrate their class. Senior Dinner Party is a chance for the senior class to get together one last time.

The tradition of Senior Dinner Party was an event that has been ongoing for over thirty years. In the past, the party was held at Ulen Country Club, but it has since been moved to the LHS community rooms within the last few years. This year’s senior dinner party was held on Saturday November 9th at 6 pm in the community rooms.

Senior Philip Betts gave his opinion on the experience of Senior Dinner Party.

“The food was pretty good and it was a good time to see everyone come together. Everyone seemed happy and there is nothing about it that I would have changed,” said Betts.

Senior Abi Macabe mentioned what she thought of the event and recommends that all seniors in the future take the opportunity to get close with everyone and cherish one of the last times getting to be together.

“I thought Senior Dinner Party was a very cool opportunity for the seniors to have a chance to spend time together and make memories that we will remember forever. I enjoyed the idea of the party being very fancy and unique and it felt so cool to be there,” said Macabe.

Senior Courtney Welborn shared her outlook on the event and suggested an idea for future classes.

“Senior Dinner Party was very fun, creative, and a great way to have the class of 2020 reconnect with each other. One thing I wish we would have done was take a big group picture. That is something they should consider doing in the future just to have as a memory,” said Welborn.

The senior class president, Cole Asbury took part in a lot of the planning prior to the dinner and shared his overall opinion on the night.

“The evening went very well overall and everyone seemed to be having a fun time. I think this dinner is something really unique to our school and something that only senior get to experience,” said Asbury.



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