On Tuesday December 17ththrough Friday the 20th, students at Lebanon High School will be taking finals. The first round is typically around the end of December each year while the second round will not be until the end of May. Since upperclassmen have been at the high school for three or four years, they all mostly know how finals go and usually how to prepare for them. However, many freshmen are unfamiliar with finals and the proper ways to prepare for them.

Freshman Chloe Maciel thinks that keeping grades up before finals is important because it is better than waiting until last minute.

“I think I am prepared; I try to study and keep my grades up as I go instead of cramming for it last minute,” said Maciel.

Freshman Emma Bailey also feels that she is prepared but is hoping to get a review of everything.

“I just need to review somethings but I am pretty prepared. I am also hoping the teachers will give us review packets,” said Bailey.

However, freshman Morgan Rodriguez feels under prepared for finals.

“To be brutally honest I am not prepared at all but thankfully there is still a little of time for me to get prepared,” said Rodriguez.

All students know that finals and finals week in general can be very overwhelming and make you feel more stressed the normal. However, many students have learned to cope and be prepared for finals through some tips provided from passed graduates or current students which include:

  • Creating your own study guide
    • Creating your own study guide allows you to organize information you think you will need on the test or things you need to remember.
    • If you do not like the idea of making your own study guide I suggest asking teachers if they plan to have one.
  • Ask for help from a teacher or peers
    • This gives you chance to clarify any confusion with a particular lesson or get more information about a lesson.
  • Starting early
    • Starting to study early ensures that you will not be cramming things in at the last minute and being more prepared.
  • Making a study group
    • Organizing a group of people to review can help you understand your information more. While with the group you can explain the material in your own words to make sure it makes sense to you and them. This also allows you to ask questions that someone else may have the answer to.
  • Take breaks when studying
    • Studying for long periods of time will cause you to become more stresses and less focused. Taking a few minutes break every so often gives you time to breathe and take care of yourself before you dive back into the material.
  • Get sleep the week of
    • Getting sleep during finals week is very important if you hope to do well on the tests. This allows you to stay awake and remain focused during the tests. Another key thing is to make sure you eat and take care of yourself during this week as well.
  • Make a schedule/manage time
    • Managing how you spend your time will make it a lot easier to know when your studying, what your studying, and when to take a break. You can get study all the information you need but also be aware of how much time you have to do it.

Along with these studies and the week of finals tips upperclassmen also provided advice on how to get through finals.

Junior Khushi Patel believes that during finals week you should not stress.

“I think that you should not over stress and just try to complete all the study guides,” said Patel.

Senior Kerenah Lamb recommended not procrastinating and taking finals seriously.

“Advice I would give about finals is do not procrastinate and take it seriously and study a little bit each night,” said Lamb.

Junior Lauren Couger recommends starting studying early but also taking breaks.

“I would say to not procrastinate. Give yourself enough time to review over all the material. Also don’t study for an intense amount of time like hours at a time. Study for like 40 minutes then take a 20-minute break to eat. Relax and give your brain a break,” said Couger.