WTHR, Channel 13 holds a contest every football season to determine what school has the most spirited student section in the state. Schools all over Indiana can participate in the contest for the award.

Lebanon High School was placed in the top three for the Operation Football Spirit Award this year, along with Fishers High School and Brownsburg High School. LHS had been expressing their spirit throughout the student section on and off the field. The Lebanon Tigers won the award in 2017 and Western Boone won the award last year, in 2018.

A few days before the sectional championship football game, some of the cheerleaders and football players from LHS left a warm welcome for the WTHR crew. The school made signs to line up along the side walk for the crew members to see the following morning.


Some of LHS’s cheerleaders and football players put a skit together, acting like anchors from WTHR and sent in a video. The video was posted on twitter and many of the WTHR anchors retweeted it. This was only the start of making videos over the spirit award.

The day before our big game, the Best Buddies program at LHS, made a video saying their names and chanting operation football. This really showed how much they want this trophy and it was heartwarming.

Ms. Merritt, one of the culinary teachers at LHS, made a cake shaped in a football that was sent to WTHR. When Channel 13 arrived before the game on Friday, the tigers brought the crowd. Parents, students, faculty, and fans came to show off their tiger pride. The fans used fat heads of WTHR anchors, jug shakers, and pom poms to show their spirit.

During the football game, the student section spotted Dave Calabro and his camera man on the field. Half of the student section ran to the other side to get his attention. They were giving all efforts to show how committed they were to winning the spirit award.

Friday night, over 200 students gathered at LHS for a watch party. The community rooms were open for students to come eat and hang out while they awaited the big reveal. When 11 o’clock hit students were filled with excitement as LHS was announced the 2019 spirit award winner. Dave Calabro surprised everyone by rushing in and going live at LHS to announce the winner. The students gathered together and continued to chant as confetti canons went off and they were handed the trophy.

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