Mr. Hudspeth’s personal finance class recently received a five-hundred-dollar grant from McDonald’s.

“We got it because we wanted to keep the personal finance class open as an option,” said junior Jessica Lehmkuhler.

Lehmkuhler said that she was one of only a few people in the class and that the school was considering dropping it because of expenses.

Junior Maggie Yang went into more detail on these expenses.

“We have to play a stock market game that costs money, and it was hard for Mr. Hudspeth to convince the school to keep the class. It is a program where you have fake money and you can simulate budgeting and investing in the stock market.”

“Mr. Reynolds was nice enough to tell me there was a grant and he gave me the appropriate paperwork, and we were fortunate enough to win that grant,” said Mr. Hudspeth, who teaches the personal finance class. “The program is called “Budget Challenge”, and it was previously free but now it costs twenty-five-dollars a student. This program is definitely a really great opportunity for the kids in personal finance but it ispretty expensive, so this grant is going to be great for the class,”