Being healthy is very important, but what does the true definition of being healthy mean? Healthy is making sure to take care of your body, healthy is big and small. To others it can also mean a very intense workout but not all the time.

Senior Lucy Gascho tries to wake up with enough time to get fully ready for the day ahead of her.

“I always drink a glass of water, to get that water really flowing through my body,” Gascho said. “I always make sure to eat breakfast first thing in the morning, it’s the most important meal,”

Lucy Gascho does a variety of different things to keep herself feeling good and healthy; she has a keen eye for what she puts in her body.

“I try drinking lots of water and I always watch what I eat,” Gascho said. “The biggest tip I have is never drink soda; I always choose water,” 

After a long day Lucy ends her day with a lavender bath.

“I like to take a hot soothing bath, with lavender bath salts because its very calming,” Gascho said.

Freshman Bryce Hood prepares for his day a little differently. His way of making himself feel fresh and healthy involves being with friends.

“I drink water, and play music. Exercising is good, and going out with friends is good.” Hood said.

Hood has a personal tip he always tries to follow.

“Try to eat well, and not a lot of junk food,” Hood said.

Junior Armesha Jeffers tries to start her days fresh. She cannot leave the house without hearing some type of music.

“My alarm wakes me up, then I hop in the shower and listen to music,” Jeffers said.

Jeffers makes herself feel good after a long day by relaxing.

“Sunday is a great pampering day,” Jeffers said. “I go home and do a face masks, then I like to eat Takis and watch YouTube,”

Coach JT Turner has a very interactive morning routine.

“My alarm wakes me up, I shower, drink coffee, then I eat breakfast.”

Turner usually eats a different breakfast depending on how he feels.

“Some days its oatmeal, other days I have an egg sandwich, just depends,” Turner said.

Any variety of these healthy tips can be used to improve the health of all different types of people. The important thing is to find what works for you and makes you feel better and more energized throughout the day. No matter what, it is always a smart idea to keep an eye out for your own health.