It is that time of year where you are going to put down your razors, scissors and grow your hair out for No-shave November. This occasion is to produce awareness for money towards cancer and embrace it. It is an annual charity event where you don’t shave, groom, cut facial hair for the entire month.

Mr. Woody, a math teacher here at LHS has participated in no shave November every year. He doesn’t shave any of his facial hair every day of every year.


“My no shave is every year, it is a lot easier to take care of and it keeps me warm all the time,” Woody said.

This event was started in 1999 by young men in Melbourne, Australia. The importance of this month is to donate hair to many cancer patients that lose there’s and let it grow wild and free. Most people donate the money they typically spend on shaving to save lives, and support those fighting for their life.

“I started not shaving on the last day of October, I am going to grow a mustache because I want to show my man hood during this special month,” senior Ethan Neihart said.


There are two main organizations that share the same recognition in starting this industry: the No Shave November foundation, that inspires no facial hair shaving at all, and the Movember Foundation, that promoters shaving everything but your mustache. Both organizations have been around for over a decade and have raised millions of dollars to support awareness for cancer.

“I thought participating was a good idea because it spreads awareness for cancer and cancer patients,” junior Haiden Gibbs said.


Lebanon’s strength and conditioning coach, Mr. Turner, has been participating in no shave November for the past six years now.


“I participate because it is awesome and it feels like a real man thing,” Turner said.

At any age and not just the month of November is the only time to donate your hair. There are multiple charities you can find that will accept it; each organization has their own donation requirements. Donating hair is always a great cause. A lot of the hair donated, goes to wigs for children in need of hair replacement due to medical conditions.

“I like the idea of donating hair because sometimes we don’t recognize how badly it is needed especially to the people who are struggling with hair loss. It is a fun thing to do and I am doing it because my facial hair grows fast and I might as well let it grow and see how it looks,” senior Drew Cosgray said.


Donate the money you typically spend on shaving or grooming to educate about cancer, save lives, and help those in need.