Although Frozen never ended with a feeling for a sequel, the producers wanted to exploit on the huge hit by coming up with a story idea for a second one this year. When the first Frozen movie came out in 2013, it has become the biggest animated film of all time, making over $1.2 billion globally.

Many fans have been given a look at the Frozen 2 trailer that was filled with some of the footage from the film. The movie came out on November 22, 2019, which involved a secretive force that drives Elsa and Anna to save Arendelle. Next summer, after the theater release, it will be able to stream on Disney Plus.

Frozen has been praised for its characterization, comedy, and perfect plot. This story is happy and has a hero like every Disney movie but this one has a twist; it forms turns that makes the world so obsessed with the Frozen movies. Also, this movie doesn’t have just one Disney princess, it has two.

Frozen 2 broke the record for the most watched animated Disney trailer in the first twenty-four hours.

“People are so interested because when the first film came out, we were younger and we grew up with it. As we got older, we realized how many unanswered questions were left at the end of the first movie. The second film gives us the answers we’ve been wondering. There are also a lot of fourth wall references throughout the movie that make it more sentimental,” senior Macey Kenna said.

The second Frozen answered the fans passionate questions they had kept in since after leaving the first movie which was six years ago. The newest Frozenreally hits the new mysterious symbols and the unanswered questions on Elsa’s powers. Some questions that are finally answered in the second movie as they tell us where their parents were actually going on the ship and how Elsa was born with powers.

“I believe Elsa’s powers are a gift because once she figured out how to control them, she used them for good. I am happy Olaf has a permafrost because he’s my favorite character and without him, the movie would not be as good. His humor makes it more enjoyable for older crowds,” senior Christian Hackett said.

Each character in this movie got their own signature song. Elsa’s “Into the Unknown” is a tune of the mysterious hears she has from afar in the film. Olaf represents the song “When I Get Older” as a mechanism to keep his mind off of the chaos he is surrounded by. Anna has a hopeful song for her called “The Next Right Thing,” it has a big probability to being the new favorite of the Frozen songs. Kristoff also has a song, “Lost in the Woods,” when he is lost from everyone in the movie.

“I really like the songs in this, both Frozen films have good music and endings, the plot is also good, and I like how it has two princesses,” sophomore Mya Folden said.

Many people love these Frozen films as they watch and get cold chills from the magnificent plot. It has a joyful mysterious noise and yet again, the two sisters still rule.