With seasons changing yet again, we end our time in fall sports and introduce a new fresh season of winter sports here at Lebanon High School.  For winter season we have boys/girls basketball, coed cheerleading, boys/girls swimming and coed wrestling.

These are the LHS winter sports athletes for the 2019-20 school year:

Boys Basketball:

  • Baron Clevenger
  • Blake Bryan
  • Braden Robison
  • Caleb Girdley
  • Caleb Linton
  • Caleb Newsom
  • Carson Burtron
  • Cauy Nance
  • Cayden Young
  • Cayman Huntsman
  • Colby Cook
  • Dakota Coffman
  • Hunter Crew
  • Jacob Burns
  • Jadin Ricci
  • John Morgan
  • Kameron Skobel
  • Kayden Sloggett
  • Korbyn Sloggett
  • Kobe Ottinger
  • Landon Fouts
  • Lucas Ferrell
  • Michael Reese
  • Reese Jones
  • Treyton Achor
  • Wyatt Perdue

Girls Basketball:

  • Alexandria Barr
  • Alexis Wines
  • Ashlyn Terrill
  • Camille Deakins
  • Carissa Smith
  • Charlotte Lang
  • Christina Lamb
  • Emma Huse
  • Gabrielle Brewer
  • Grace Braner
  • Jaycee Weaver
  • Josephine Mills
  • Kirsteen Smith
  • Kylie Kadel
  • Kylie Ottinger
  • Lyla Barr
  • Maiya Newsom
  • Olivia Malerich
  • Sydney Nance

Coed Cheerleading:

  • Abigail McKibben
  • Addison Ehrie
  • Ann Marie Susong
  • Brooklyn Kincade
  • Chloe Maciel
  • Chloey Lopez
  • Clara McQueen
  • Dilynn Shockley
  • Erynn Smith
  • Izaya Phillips
  • Jackson Shepherd
  • Jazlyn Gramlin
  • Jocelyn Kernodle
  • Kailyn Spanhook
  • Kaitlyn Smith
  • Kaitlyn Stoops
  • Kayleigh Barnard
  • Kenzie Fouts
  • Kinsey Bruder
  • Lauren Couger
  • Leah Bashor
  • Macey Kenna
  • Madison Stofer
  • Madison VanHowe
  • Mya Folden
  • Nevaeh Phillips
  • Rayna Phillips
  • River Williams
  • Sydnie Stevenson
  • Taylor Moss

Boys Swimming:

  • Alexander Whipkey
  • Caden Rule
  • Colton Williams
  • Corbin Daisley
  • Gabriel Goff
  • Grant Braner
  • Falicity Franks
  • John Gascho
  • Kaden Burress
  • Kyler Strange
  • Mason Stillwell
  • Phillip Betts
  • Riley Newman
  • Zachary Perrine

Girls Swimming:

  • Abrianna Murphy
  • Breanna Daisley
  • Caroline Tilford
  • Cayleigh Dial
  • Cora Dial
  • Emma Waskom
  • Jillian Brubaker
  • Lauren Gascho
  • Lily Gascho
  • Lucy Gascho
  • Molly Garner
  • Morgan Lawson
  • Skylar Ritchie
  • Summer Stogsdill
  • Sydney Daisley

Coed Wrestling:

  • Aiden Fortney
  • Alex Jones
  • Austin Pugh
  • Bethany DeGraw
  • Bethany Wilson
  • Camren Toole
  • Carson Toole
  • Dalton Michael
  • Dawson White
  • Devon Wilson
  • Dina Malagon
  • Dominic Oliver
  • Easton Williamson
  • Elijah Fox
  • Elijah Holman
  • Ethan Coffman
  • Ethan Fortney
  • Emerson Wolfbrandt
  • Grace-Ann Merchant
  • Gracie Brandt
  • Jack Reynolds
  • Jackson Houghton
  • Jake Gordon
  • Jazlyn Gramlin
  • Jermy Mullins
  • John Stillwell
  • Katelyn Mayner
  • Kenneth Getch
  • Leonel Santiago-Salazar
  • Makai Smith
  • Nicholas Morgan
  • Robert Lugenbeal
  • Ryan Shepherd
  • Sarah Huse
  • Shelby Cope
  • Taylor Gramlin
  • Tylan Mills
  • Zackary Baldwin

Senior boys basketball player Cauy Nance sees the outlook of this season to be very promising with the current record of 2-2 and the two loses being very close.  Compared to past seasons, Nance claims the team this year is very special.

“Our team chemistry is great and we are all sharing the ball outstandingly.  We are looking forward to a sectional win and possibly a regional after that,” said Nance.

Sophomore girls basketball player Christina Lamb thinks the outlook for this season could be better compared to past years because this year they have a coach that is willing to push them harder than ever.  She is looking forward to playing sectionals and seeing how far they will get this season.

“Over the past few games, we have gotten better because we have learned that we are still developing as a whole.  We have our ups and downs like every team, but we always manage to stay together,”said Lamb.

Sophomore coed cheerleader Leah Bashor believes this season will be great as long as the girls get along together.  The previous games have been stressful so far because of only having practice once a week, but she thinks they still managed to look good.

“Since I moved to varsity for basketball season, I am looking forward to getting closer to my team and working together on improving my stunts and learning new ones, along with getting my backhandspring,” said Bashor.

Freshman boys swimmer John Gascho believes the season is going great with the boys being so competitive in all of the meets so far.  The team gets along and competes well together according to Gascho.

“I am looking forward to improving my time in my events and our team working hard to win conference,”said Gascho.

Senior girls swimmer Cayleigh Dial thinks the season is going very well and looks promising.  The swim team has won all except for one meet and have been working hard since the start of the season.

“We have a small team, but we are very strong and are extremely close so we work great together.  I am looking forward to bonding with everyone even more and spending my last season with the people I have grown up with in this sport.  This season is different than others in the past because we are closer than we have ever been,” said Dial.

Sophomore coed wrestler Jack Reynolds claims this season is going to be better than last season because the team is getting better and working harder in the practice room. Lebanon is a top contender for the conference, so Reynolds is looking forward to being potential conference champions.

“I am looking forward to conference most this season because I want our team to be conference champions.  This season has been better because of the way the team works together,” said Reynolds.

 Sophomore coed wrestler Taylor Gramlin sees how much hard work is put into the wrestling room and how much dedication there is on the team.  The wrestlers have only had two tournaments so far, but Gramlin believes they have given the new wrestlers a great experience and have seen how supportive her teammates are.

“As of right now I am looking forward to get past my injury and make it to ste this year and help the new girls grow in their knowledge of wrestling. I feel like there is a lot more positivity up in the wrestling room, everybody cheers people on rather than putting them down for making a mistake,”said Gramlin.

Upcoming Home Events:

  • Varsity Boys Basketball: Sat, Dec 14 game against Kokomo High School South Campus @ 7:30 pm
  • JV Boys Basketball: Thu, Dec 12 game against Western Boone Jr-Sr High School @ 7:30 pm
  • Freshman Boys Basketball: Thu, Dec 12 game against Western Boone Jr-Sr High School @ 6:00 pm
  • Varsity Girls Basketball: Tue, Dec 17 game against Shortridge @ 7:30 pm
  • JV Girls Basketball: Thu, Dec 12 game against Western Boone Jr-Sr High School @ 6:00 pm
  • Freshman Girls Basketball: Wed, Dec 18 against William Henry Harrison High School @ 6:00 pm
  • Varsity Boys Swimming: Thu, Jan 9 meet against Southmont Sr High School @ 6:00 pm
  • Varsity Girls Swimming: Thu, Jan 9 meet against Southmont Sr High School @ 6:00 pm
  • Varsity Coed Wrestling: Wed, Dec 11 match against Westfield High School @ 6:00 pm
  • JV Coed Wrestling: Wed, Dec 11 match against Westfield High School @ 6:00 pm

Visit https://lebanonathletics.com/#to find the latest Tiger sports news and schedules for each of these teams.

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