As winter begins to approach us quickly, the roads start to get slick. With that in mind there are many things we have to be cautious of, like the weather, roads, our cars being out in the cold, and snow.

According to, make sure all the fluids in your car are filled up and ready for winter. When you are on the road’s, slow down in the ice or snow. AAA suggests increasing the three to four second following distance, to eight to ten seconds. If you like using cruise control you would be better off saving that for summertime.

Many teachers here at LHS have given some helpful tips on how to handle your car if you start sliding on ice but also how to handle your car in the severe cold.

Mr. Simpson, our librarian at LHS, has many tips for our students as he hopes they will take them seriously.

“If it is icy, my best advice is to drive slow and be cautious of your surroundings. Now if it is severely cold make sure you start your car a couple minutes prior to you driving your car,” said Simpson.

Mr. Miller, culinary teacher at LHS, is nervous for the new drivers to experience the cold and snow.

“I have a feeling this winter is going to be horrible, so my number one tip for new drivers is to always go slow and don’t brake if you start sliding,” said Miller.

Many sophomores at LHS just recently got their licenses. There are many things they are worried about as well as thing they can do to prepare for the winter.

Cami Deakins got her license on October 9th. 

“I think what I’m most nervous for is the ice because I don’t want to slide. To prepare for the cold and ice I will drive a little slower and be more careful,” said Deakins.

Taylor Moss just got her licenses last Tuesday, December 3rd.

 “I have a red bug as my car so I am a little concerned about the ice and if my car can keep up with the conditions or if it will even start in the morning. I am going to prepare by always keeping my car inside if possible and using a different car if the roads are too bad for my car,” said Moss.

Ella Taylor got her licenses in the beginning of October.

“I am most nervous for the icy roads and sliding. If I start sliding, I know to let off of the brake. To prepare for the winter weather I will not drive as fast as I usually do,” said Taylor.

If you start sliding according to, the best thing to do is to not brake and steer gently. If your front wheels are the ones that slide, take your foot off the accelerator and allow your vehicle to slow down. If you still don’t have control of your vehicle, lightly press the brake. To avoid slipping on ice, there is only one tip, slow down.