Social media has quickly become a prominent aspect of people’s lives. It gives people a way to discover new opportunities, stay updated on current events, and connect with others. As the world continues to change and make more use with technology, it is important for schools to evolve with it. Many teachers at Lebanon High School use social media as an important tool.

Rachel Becker, English teacher, utilizes social media as a tool for learning.

“I use Instagram and Twitter. I follow people professionally on these accounts. I use twitter as a learning tool and then I post on Instagram to celebrate my students and show them off,” said Becker.

Angie Coddington uses Instagram and Twitter to keep people outside of her class updated.

“I use both of these to show what is going on in my class. Parents, students, even middle school students, and other staff can see how hard my kids are working. I think it is important to let people see what is going on,” said Coddington.

Junior, Lucas Mitchner, strongly supports teachers having social media.

“I think it is great. Students tend to think teachers don’t have lives outside of school but being able to look at their social media helps them realize they are just people. I think that it helps students connect,” said Mitchner.

Lebanon High School also has a Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram that is run by Vice Principal, Michael Reynolds. These accounts allow the school to get information out to students, parents, and the rest of the community.

“We use social media to get information out and to celebrate good news. WE also use other means of communication because we know not everyone is connected to social media. I try to get as much information out with the exception of athletics because Mr. Levine has his own social media,” said Reynolds.

Social media accounts such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter can be very effective learning tools for teachers and they allow information from schools to spread quickly.

Check out Lebanon High School’s social media:
Twitter: @LebanonHSTigers
Instagram: @lebanon_high_school