In a turn(er) of events at Lebanon High School, Jacob Turner, the strength and conditioning coach for the past four years, resigns. He and has helped the athletes at LHS tremendously and assisted every athletic team at Lebanon that was ever in the weight room at any time. Turner spent countless hours making workouts for all of the athletes to get bigger and stronger for their respectable seasons. Whether you were working out in the offseason or during the season, Coach Turner was always willing to help our athletes get better.

Coach Turner was also a great person to talk to and have a good conversation with. If you needed advice or just wanted to talk about something that was going on he would always want to talk.

“I am going to miss all of the student and athlete relationships that I made over the past few years I have been here. I will miss being able to give advice to people that were struggling with problems,” said Coach Turner.

Coach Turner enjoyed being around this community and loved how we are all a tight knit group together. He enjoyed every second of being here and having a big impact on the athletes and their teams.

“This community is very special because it rallies behind all of the high schools in the area. Me being from Fort Wayne, all they cared about was their one high school that were from, rather than the entire community. This community will always have a special place in my heart,” Coach Turner said.

There are many different pathways Turner can take, but he is interviewing to become an exercise Physiologist in Cardiopulmonary Rehab. He is heading back to Lutheran Hospital, in Fort Wayne where he grew up.

Coach Turner was here for four years and impacted many of the athletes here at Lebanon. Lebanon wishes him the best of luck and he will be missed here at LHS.