Lebanon High School recently debated the idea of removing study hall from next year’s scheduling. While rumors spread that they were getting rid of it because of overcrowded class sizes and the lack of work being put in during that time, there were actually different reasons behind the idea.

Juniors Jessica Lehmkhuler was not supportive of taking away study halls next year.

“It stressed me out when I heard that we might not have study halls next year because I am so busy. I use it to get my work done, I do not have time outside of school,” said Lehmkhuler.

Junior Bethany Wilson was also against the idea.

“It made me upset with the people who abused it and the administration that wanted to take it away because of a few people. I have a job, sports, and several different clubs so I do not have any extra time. If I did not have a study hall, I would have to be up past one in the morning every night,” said Wilson.

Principal Kevin O’Rourke understands student’s concerns, but encourages them to see the benefits of removing study halls.

“There is very compelling research that has been done that places great value on the learning that takes place in the classroom versus outside the classroom. There is a greater opportunity to maximize learning in the classroom through an engaged teaching and learning relationship between the student and teacher than outside the classroom.  The idea of eliminating study hall would put significant value on the learning activities that take place in school with reduced value and time placed on out of school activities such as homework.  The goal would be to have all students fully engaged in classroom learning 4 blocks per day with a significant reduction in the work done outside of class.  Note each students schedule is unique, so the amount of time required outside of class would vary between students.  The main purpose is to take full advantage of the 5-6 hours per day that students have the opportunity to be in class learning and reduce the number of hours outside of school required for activities like homework.  It would be essential to take full advantage of the learning opportunities in school,” said O’Rourke.

Lebanon High School decided to hold off on making the change for the 2020-2021 school year due to time constraints. They wanted to take the time consider more research and discussion before making a decision, but a choice would have had to be made prior to students scheduling in January.