Teen Leadership is a class that is very unique offered to students at Lebanon High School. This class teaches kids about how to be a leader in society and how to be successful with other people. The first thing your assigned in class is stand up in front of everyone and tell them your life story. This is an opportunity to tell your class all of the key events and things that you think really changed or shaped your life.

Senior Brandon Keen said, “After scheduling I realized that it was a class that I really should have taken all of my friends talk about how it is different than a normal class and its fun.”

Teen Leadership is a confidential class so whatever is said in that room stays in that class or there is serious consequences. Because in Teen leadership sometimes you are talking about your life that’s just deep and you may not want everyone to know. The goal is to make like a little family out of your class. Even if it’s extremely diverse and not everyone in there may not be your friend you just have to work it out.

Junior Blake Culley said, “It is nice to be able to talk about stuff and know that it is between you and them you can develops a trust and a bond with the people in your class.”

Another big part of the class is not judging people by the way they look or sound etc. It teaches to accept people for who they are and encourage them to do what they want. At the end of every class you write one classmate a letter. It cannot be the same person every class and then every two weeks you get to read all your letters and they can be really helpful and full of encouragement.

Lexi Reed a mid-Year Grad said, “The class helps you a lot it shows not to judge people and that you should listen to everyone and hear what they have to say.”

A big part of the class is getting out of students out of their comfort zone. Students do things like making raps or talking in front of the class. There are a lot of little exercises to help students escape their shell. But you build a trust with everyone in the class that will last for a long time.

Senior Cade Ping said “It teaches you a lot about people and yourself it helps you get out of your comfort zone and have some fun while doing it.”

Teen leadership is a great class that can benefit students throughout life it teaches them a lot of important lessons, how to be successful, be yourself and get out of your shell. It also helps with public speaking and how to get along with people you might not always normally get agree.