When a new year starts, many people like to create goals or a resolution to achieve throughout the year. From wanting to work out more or eat healthy to making new friends, a New Year’s resolution can be different for each person.

Gage Flaugher, Bryce Johnson, and Leo Santiago, juniors at Lebanon High school, had new year’s resolution that were similar.

“My resolution is to save more money instead of spending all of it on stupid things that I do not need,” said Johnson.

“I want to work on saving money this year instead of spending it right when I get it,” said Flaugher.

“My goal this year is to work more in my free time so I can make more money,” said Santiago

Many students had resolutions that had to deal with their personal beings.

“My New Year’s resolution is to get more organized with my life so it will be less stressful,” said sophomore Taylor Moss.

“I would love to not be on my phone that much this year. I will set a screen time on my phone so I have a limit of time to be on my phone in a day, I also want to be more positive and complain less,” said sophomore Irene Ransom.

“Procrastinating has been something I have done pretty much my whole life, so my new year’s resolution is to work on not procrastinating,” said junior Braden Robinson.

“I want to make more friends and memories this year,” said junior Logan Harrington.

“I really want to not care about what other people have to say about me and I want to be happier with everything in my life and be kinder,” said senior Erynn Smith.

Many students have New Year’s resolutions to do with the sports they play.

Abbie Thomas, sophomore, is a part of the tennis team here at LHS and relates her goals back to the sport.

“My resolution is to prepare more for tennis. I want to work harder outside of the regular tennis season and during my free time spend it playing tennis,” said Thomas.

“My New Year’s resolution is to train harder for baseball as it is my final year playing for the school,” said senior Nick Nies.

According to a study on nypost.com just eight percent of people actually achieve their new year’s resolution. As these are just goals we hope these people can come close to achieving these resolutions.