With the Super Bowl around the corner, it is time to reflect on what has happened so far in the NFL playoffs. The NFL playoffs start out with four wild card games two in the National Football Conference (NFC) and two in the American Football Conference (AFC).

The NFC Wild Card games started with a matchup between the Buffalo Bills and the Houston Texans. This was an overtime battle that ended in a very close game with a final score of 22-19, Texans win. Later that weekend the New Orleans Saints couldn’t get over the playoff hump as they lose to the Minnesota Vikings for the second straight year 26-20.

The AFC Wild Card games were even more surprising than the NFC games. It started with a match-up between the Tennessee Titans and the defending champions New England Patriots. This game ended in surprising fashion as the New England Patriots lose 20-13 to the underdog Tennessee Titans. This raised many eyebrows because many people thought that the Patriots would be in the running for their second Super Bowl in as many years. The next AFC Wild Card was a shocker as the Seattle Seahawks defeated the Philadelphia Eagles by a score of 17-9.

The next stop for all remaining teams is the divisional rounds for both the NFC and AFC. Both of the top seeds dominated in the NFC divisional rounds as the San Francisco 49ers overpower the Minnesota Vikings 27-10. Meanwhile the Kansas City Chiefs completed a miraculous comeback from being down 24-0 to defeating the Houston Texans 51-31.

The NFC divisional rounds were a little different as the underdog Tennessee Titans snag yet another surprising victory over the top seeded Baltimore Ravens by the score of 28-12. Although there was an underdog victory the high seeded Green Bay Packers took care of business, defeating the Seattle Seahawks 28-23.

The remaining teams from the divisional rounds competed in the AFC and NFC championship games this past weekend. The NFC consisted of the underdog Tennessee Titans and the high seeded Kansas City Chiefs. This was a very anticipated match-up because the Titans were on such a great playoff run. In the end, Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs were too much for the Titans losing 35-24 sending the Chiefs to the Super Bowl.

The AFC championship was against two very high seeded teams and it was supposed to be a very close game. That would not be the case with the San Francisco 49ers starting off hot creating a 27-0 lead over the Green Bay Packers. The 49ers would cruise through the rest of the game defeating the Packers with a final score of 37-20.

This sets up a Super Bowl with two very good teams and two very good quarterbacks in Patrick Mahomes (Chiefs) and Jimmy Garoppolo (49ers). Looking back on the NFL playoffs it is easy to notice a great run from the Tennessee Titans along with the New England Patriots losing early in the playoffs for the first time in a while. That being said the 2020 NFL Super Bowl is set for February 2ndat 6:30 ET.