On December 17th, LCSC approved hiring Robert Dowhen as the new head softball coach.
Dowhen graduated from Kankakee Valley and got his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Indianapolis in Marketing and Human Resources in 2005. He is also the president and owner of the Indiana Elite North vs South college showcase game for high school athletes.

Coach Dowhen said, “The 2020 softball program is hard at work in the weight room. In defensive workouts and in hitting workouts. Effort, heart and hustle will be the main focus for the upcoming season. There is a great mix of returning and new athletes.”

The 2020 Lebanon High School softball staff includes, Robert Dowhen as head coach, two assistant Varsity coaches, Haley Endres and Nick Garcia, Junior Varsity head coach, Holland Dotson, Junior Varsity assistant coach, Laura Dowhen and statistician, Mark Arington.

Senior Abigail McPherson said, “I am really looking forward for this upcoming season, especially with our new coach. Coach Dowhen has come into our program and he is already making serval necessary changes. He is helping us prepare for our season now instead of waiting until March. I am looking forward to my senior season and I think we will be very successful.”

Coach Dowhen coached high school softball at Lowell, Tri-County, Southport and his last three years at Cascade. He has studied pitching for many years and worked with the former Purdue pitcher, Suzie Rzegocki, who then got ranked national as an assistant coach at Arizona State.

Junior Natalie Dafoe said, “This year I am looking forward to building the team as a whole. This group of girls have the commitment, heart, and the potential to set the bar pretty high. I am really excited to see how our pre-season hard work will pay off. Dowhens coaching is nothing like we have seen but he is one of the greatest motivators I have ever had as a coach. The coaching staff as a whole is going to develop strong-hearted and hard-to-beat players.”

Lebanon softball means something to each and every player on the team and with the new coach there are hopes to bring back the winning mentality from the 2016 state championship team.