As seasons change once again, Lebanon High School prepares for its 2020 spring sports season in various ways.  This upcoming spring, LHS will be providing a Girls Softball team with a brand-new head coach to start off with.

LHS’ Girls Softball team proudly welcomes their new head coach, Robert Dowhen. With being new to the program and the school, Dowhen shares some of the goals he and the team will have this spring.

“The Lebanon Softball program aims to center our future around effort, heart and hustle.  We plan to put in the hard work and allow our bats/gloves to do all of the talking.  With a mix of returning athletes and new athletes, the Tigers aim to be competitive in all aspects of the 2020 game schedule,”said Coach Dowhen.

The pre-season workouts for those interested in trying-out for the softball team this spring are open to all students.  The softball program provides hitting workouts, glove workouts, weight room workouts and speed and agility workouts.

Returning athletes for the softball team would be seniors Abigail McPherson, Courtney Welborn and Jada Folden along with juniors Josie Hollingsworth, Lexi Puckett and Rylee Wilson.  All girls have high goals for a solid season according to Coach Dowhen.

Senior Abigail McPherson has high expectations for the team and believes the season will go very well this year.  Her biggest goal for the season is to win sectionals like she did her Freshman year.

“We are already practicing and putting in hard work this early in the year.  As long as we continue to get better every day, this should be very successful,” said McPherson.

Besides winning, McPherson wants to be more connected with her team.  To achieve this, the girls have already started going to dinner together after practice to help them become friends both on and off the field. McPherson plans on being the best captain possible for her team this season as it is her final year at LHS.

“I want to leave something behind when I graduate, which starts with helping the girls younger than me. I want to lead them to success this year and prepare them for years to come,” said McPherson.

McPherson shows great pride in her softball team and is excited to see the changes the new head coach is bringing to their program.

“As a senior and a captain for this program, this year is memorable for me because it makes a new chapter for Lebanon softball.  We have an amazing new coaching staff that has been a culture change for this program, which is what we really needed,” said McPherson.

 Senior Courtney Welborn, like McPherson, has high expectations for the team, but in a teamwork perspective.  She hopes for communication to improve this year, to have the players pick each other up when they are down, to have respect for each other and be able to work together throughout the entire season.

“This year I wish my team and I would not individualize this sport, but make it about each other and our team as a whole.  If we use communication, we will be able to work more as a team and outwork our opponents every time and earn every win,” said Welborn.

As both a senior and a captain, Welborn plans to lead her team by having team bonding more often and being a mentor to her younger teammates.  Her main goal for the season is to create a bond within the softball program between the players.

“With this being my final year to be able to play with my high school friends, I will value every at bat and every play in the field.  I am excited for what this new season and new coaching staff will bring to our program as a whole,” said Welborn.

The open gym and workout schedule are pictured below for the months of January and February.  As a reminder, any student not participating in a winter sport are allowed to go to any of the open gyms if they have the intentions of trying-out this season for the Girls Softball team.