This year marked the 62nd annual Grammy awards. The awards were held on January 26,2020 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. The Grammys are awards given to recognize the best recordings, compositions and artists of that year. Billie Eilish was the main focus that night as she won the Big Four awards, album, record and song of the year plus best new artist.  She was awarded Record of the year for her song “Bad Guy”. Her albumWhen We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? won album of the year. “Bad Guy” also won song of the year.

Eilish is eighteen, which marks her the youngest album of the year winner in Grammy history topping Taylor Swift who was twenty when she won a decade ago.

Many students at Lebanon High school enjoyed watching the Grammy’s. Billie Eilish was a hit for some students but not some much the others.

“My favorite part of the Grammy’s was when Camila Cabello was singing to her dad as old pictures and videos of them were playing in the background. “As far as Billie Eilish goes, I think she deserved all the awards she got. She has worked so hard to get where she is now and has one of the most creative minds when it comes to her music and music videos,” said Jaelie Mitchell.

“Seeing all of the artist win and perform was probably my favorite part. “I do think Billie is a talented singer but she shouldn’t have gotten all of the awards she received. She has put in a lot of hard work I just think there were other artist that could have got awarded the awards she got,” said freshman Alathea Wilson.

“My favorite part of the Grammy’s was actually the Kobe Bryant tributes. I think it was nice that they honored the lives lost there. “I don’t really listen to any of Billie Eilishe songs so I didn’t really like her performances. I also don’t think she deserved the awards she got,” said Toby Myer.

“All of the performances for all my favorite artists are what made the Grammy’s enjoyable to watch. “When Billie Eilish won all her awards, I think other artists should have earned them more than she did,” said freshman, Emma Freed.