Video created by Hallie Montgomery


The world shook as the news broke that NBA legend Kobe Bryant had passed away due to a helicopter crash on the morning of January 26th. Bryant was not only known for how great of a basketball player he was but also as a wonderful human being. Kobe Bryant could arguably go down as the best basketball player to have ever played in the NBA. Everyone was lost when they heard the terrible news and nobody believed it was true. Kobe Bryant impacted thousands of peoples’ lives through basketball and life.

“Kobe was an inspiration to me and was really the reason I fell in love with basketball. He is one of those people that you just look up to and inspire to be one day. I remember when I was little and still to the day that he retired I would always record the games and go on YouTube and watch the game highlights, I would look up his best plays and go in my driveway and recreate them. Fortunately, I got to go see his last game in Indiana when they played the pacers. My whole room is Kobe Bryant fatheads. So really to me Kobe is someone who I want to grow up to be like and just to that “mamba mentality” for the rest of my life,”said sophomore basketball player Kobe Ottinger.

“I would say that my most memorable moment was watching him take his final shots in his last game and just to think to myself ‘that’s the last time I’ll ever see him play basketball in the NBA,” said Ottinger.

“I read a book about Kobe Bryant when I was younger so he basically taught me how to shoot and he definitely helped contribute to the love of basketball I have today,” said senior basketball player Luke Ferrell.

“I remember the last free throw he shot in his finale. It is one of the greatest sports moments ever,” said Ferrell.

“Kobe meant a lot to me as a role model I would always act like him when I was younger shooting his fade away jumper and always looked up to him and he’s one who inspired me to play basketball I’ve played it ever since I first watched him,” said senior basketball player Michael Reese.

“My favorite memory was watching him make a fade away game winning shot time after time and it made him one of the most clutch players of all time,” said Reese.

“Even as someone who didn’t grow up playing basketball, his name was synonymous with greatness. I always thought it was cool that despite being American he was a soccer fan like me. There are so many amazing stories and quotes from him that cement him as an objectively great man,” said senior Ben Piper.

It is easy to see how Kobe impacted people in the game of basketball but with his amazing personality he will also be remembered for being an amazing person as well as being one of the greatest to play the game of basketball.

The other victims that were involved in the crash were John Altobelli, a legendary baseball coach at Orange Coast College, along with his wife Keri, and his daughter Alyssa. Another terrible loss was Kobe’s daughter Gianna who also shared the love for basketball like her father. This was a terrible event but Kobe Bryant’s legacy will live on forever in the game of basketball.