On December 27, 2019 a shooting took place at the Tippecanoe mall in Lafayette. While it was an isolated incident between two individuals, the event has shaken Lebanon students as the mall was thought to have been a safe place. With gun violence on the rise at common locations such as churches, schools, and stores such as Walmart, it is smart to have an idea of what to do if ever in a situation involving a shooting.

Officer Trey Hendrix, a member of the Lebanon Police department for the past five years, gave insight on what to do if you ever find yourself in a dangerous situation.

“What you do depends on if you are by yourself or with your family. The most important thing to me would be getting my family out safely, but if you are alone get up and run. Do not sit still and be a sitting duck. If something does not seem right, then say something. Look out for people who have backpacks where they are not necessary like in the mall,” said Hendrix.

Hendrix also reassured students to not feel anxious about public spaces.

“I do not think people should constantly be worried about a situation like that, but they should be aware of it. You have to live your life the way you want to, but make sure that you think about situations that will keep you safe such as avoiding places like that later at night,” said Hendrix.