Frost Fest at Lebanon High School is what some people may consider a winter homecoming. Each year a group of six girls and six boys of the sophomore class are selected as member of the Frost Fest court. The crowning will take place during half time of the boys’ varsity basketball game on February 14th.

The week of February 10th is frost fest week. There will be dress up days that go along with each day that week as well as a dodgeball tournament on Thursday, February 13th at 6:30. For the tournament you can have teams with eight to ten people of your choice. They hope to have a teacher team. There will also be a Sadie Hawkins dance that is taking place on Saturday February 15th.

  • Monday February 10th- Pajama day
  • Tuesday February 11th- Collage sprit
  • Wednesday February 12th- E boy/E girl/vsco, Game Night 6-8pm
  • Thursday February 13- Twin day, Dodgeball at 6:30
  • Friday February 14- White out, Boys basketball game

The sophomores nominated for frost fest court this year include; Toby Meyer, Reese Jones, Zackary Baldwin, Hunter Crew, Michael Richwine, and Aiden Fortney for the boys. For the girls, Clara McQueen, Anneliese Wolfgang, Christina Lamb, Jazlyn Gramlin, Murphy Adams, and Kayleigh Barnard.

As these students are excited to have this opportunity of becoming Frost Fest queen or king, some are nervous.

“I am excited to be on court; I will get to experience this with Christina and she is like a sister to me. I am also a little nervous and I’m not sure why,” said Clara McQueen.

“I am going to be honest I really had no idea I would be on court. I don’t really know what it is, but I am pretty excited,” said Aiden Fortney.

“I think this is a cool opportunity and something new for me. I am excited to be on court and not nervous because it seems like it would be exciting. My favorite part will be walking out on court with my friends and being in front of the large crowd,” said Kayleigh Barnard.

“I am honestly excited to be on court and I think my favorite part will be winning king,” said Reese Jones.

“I was surprised when I heard my name called for court. I am also really nervous but also kind of excited. I am not sure what my favorite part will be, but the whole thing will be fun,” said Murphy Adams.

“I am pretty excited for this and I think the best part will be being on the court with one of my best friends, Aiden,” said Michael Richwine.

“Well to be honest I had no idea I would be nominated. I am not nervous at all but I am excited I get to be a part of something great with great people,” said Christina Lamb.

“I am with Aiden; I really didn’t think I would be on court and I don’t really know what frost fest is. I just know I am going to the game and I am excited to be on court,” said Zack Baldwin.

“I am very excited and honored to have been nominated for frost fest court. I think my favorite part will be seeing everyone dressed up for the themes that week,” said Jazlyn Gramlin.

“I am really excited to be a part of this and I am not really nervous at all. I think my favorite part will be taking it all in as it is a very memorable moment,” said Toby Meyer.

“I wasn’t really expecting to be on court so I feel great. I am pretty excited for this. Getting to walk out and possibly getting selected for king will be my favorite part,” said Hunter Crew.

“I feel really excited about being on court and it really surprised me that I was on it. I think my favorite part about frost fest will be seeing everyone dress up for the dress up days throughput the week,” said Anneliese Wolfgang.

Join us on February 14th to find out who will be crowned frost fest queen and king.